5 benefits of a family dog

Getting a dog can be a big decision, and it must not be made lightly. While you should never get any sort of pet just for the children (because let’s face it, you’ll be doing most of the work!) a pet can add a whole new dynamic to the family and can be hugely beneficial, both in terms of your child’s emotional wellbeing and in helping them learn a sense of responsibility.

Bravecto, Australia’s leading long-lasting paralysis tick and flea treatment, recently surveyed Australian dog owners about the benefits of having a family dog, with the results showing that over 85% of children feel happy when they are with their dog, 67% feel loved and 64% feel safe when their dog is nearby.

While dogs provide companionship and love, they can teach your children a whole lot more. Bravecto’s survey showed that 73% of dog owners valued companionship the most, with emotional bonding benefiting 67% and 61% believed that having a dog has taught their children responsibility.

Here are 5 benefits of a family dog.

1- Teach your child responsibility

Having your child get involved with caring for their dog teaches responsibility from an early age. Involve them in age appropriate tasks like feeding their dog, helping bath and groom it, and even walking it when they are older.

2- A family dog helps teach your child empathy

Like everything else, empathy needs to be taught to a child. When they are young their world revolves around themselves so having a family pet can teach them to take care of something else. From learning to be gentle, to understanding when their pet is tired, unwell and unwilling to play, owning a dog can help your child develop their emotional intelligence.

3- Getting them active and outside

Having a dog is a great reason to get off the screen and outside. Walking and playing with their dogs (which are often an unlimited source of energy) gets kids up and moving.

4- Better communication skills

When young children interact with a pet they increase their communication skills. They can practice talking to their dog (and telling them what to do!), which helps with their cognitive skills.

5- Pets teach unconditional love

If you have a child that is struggling with loneliness, their mental health, school or anything else, a family dog can often be an emotional support- a friend who is always there and loves you unconditionally. They can also be used as therapy pets, with evidence to show that they reduce stress, lower blood pressure and speed up recovery time.

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