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You’ll often find Lynsey swapping her vacuum cleaner for six inch heels, shopping on line (while drinking wine!) and taking selfies!

National Breastfeeding Week

National Breastfeeding Week

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It’s National Breastfeeding Week and we want to talk about how breastfeeding ldoesn’t look the same to everyone…

During my first pregnancy with Mr J I spent most of that 9 months researching breastfeeding – by researching I mean I scoured the Mummy forums and read every post and article I could find about breastfeeding and exactly how it worked – because truth be told I had absolutely NOOOOOO IDEA!

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But first…coffee


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I wake up at the crack of dawn. Sometimes I even see the sun rise which is pretty but this mumma does not do mornings.

Coffee! That’s how most mums start their day in order to get through another jam packed schedule with zero sleep. Either that – or you just really love and appreciate your coffee.

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Homemade Winter Soup

Homemade Winter Soup
We love a simple pot meal in our house.  Basically I find whatever we have in the fridge and throw it all in a huge pot.  It’s the perfect solution for days when you need to plan ahead or you need something easy but nourishing to cook.  The only effort required is chopping and occasionally pot stirring.

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Getting Fit with She Rides

She Rides

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My names Lynsey and I cycle… well I’ve started to!

If you know me or follow Stuff Mums Like that’s a massive statement from me considering I used to call walking around Westfield a workout. I’ve paid off more gym memberships I did not attend than I care to discuss (in case my husband reads this).

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Stuff Mums Like: Our Favourite Boots This Season!


It’s Autumn, which means it’s time to get our Boot Shopping on! Once again this season sees us being bombarded with a never ending array of buckles, studs and it seems that the fringe is back. And although I’d love to indulge my inner Kardashian and fluff around at school pick up showing off my absolutely FAB Suede Fringe Boots that Pocahontas would be damn proud of, I do need to reign it in a little and look for a boot that is elegantly chic yet practical – in other words it needs to survive lots of mud, scuffs and plenty of walking.

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Style Guide: Stuff Mums love for Summer

Summer style guide

Mums like clothes and I’m a bit obsessed with shopping so I thought I would share my latest loves. I love the fact that all items hide the ridiculous amount of food I ate over Christmas. After having the twins my tummy has never been the same. I shop to cover it. I’m sharing some of my picks that make me feel good and accessories I love! Here’s my style guide for summer!

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