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Road Testing the Globber My Free 4 in 1 Scooter

Globber 1

My baby just turned one and I am now in possession of a tiny toddler. No longer is he happy to lie on a mat on in his rocker… he is on the move! He is into everything and busy all day long. We were lucky to be given the opportunity to road test a Globber My Free 4 in 1 scooter. This scooter is fabulous because it converts and is suitable for a child from one to 6 years old.

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How to Make Your Hair Bhave


Everyone in my family has super shiny ‘wash and wear’ hair. They wash it and it air dries in 15 minutes ready to start the day. Me? I have dry hair that isn’t curly or straight. Some days I wash it and it goes into lovely waves. Some days I wash it and it goes into a ball of frizz. Rainy days? Forget it! I often straighten it as I think it looks more professional for work. I have to leave for work at 6:30 am though, it takes about 15 minutes to straighten it, therefore it often ends up in a pony tail or messy bun… and not a stylish one!

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Everyone Loves a Grobag!


Once upon a time we used to put our babies to sleep with a blanket, tucked in tight- and they always kicked it off! Then, in 2000, Gro developed the Grobag, and revolutionised how babies sleep!

I am sure 90% of you put your baby to sleep in a baby sleeping bag, or are looking to transfer your baby from a swaddle to a sleeping bag- so if you are deciding what type to purchase here are the top 5 reasons that we love Grobags, the original baby sleeping bag:

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Roadtest: Vanchi Nappy Bag

DSC_0877 When I had my baby my very lovely big sister handed down a lot of very useful items that she no longer needed, it was fantastic as we saved so much money. Within all of these items was a nappy bag. It was red with white polka dots and made of plastic. It ‘did the job’ but it drove me nuts as there was no order to it. You just opened it up and there was one big section where everything was thrown inside. It was bulky and annoying to carry. I used it when bub was a newborn but then I could never be bothered to take it with me unless I was going on a day trip. In my lounge room I had four different bags for different occasions. I was constantly swapping between them but then when I was out and I needed something for my baby I never had what I needed! You will probably guess how excited I was when I was asked to road test the Indie Holdall by Vanchi.

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Merino Baby Australian Wool


It had never occurred to me to dress my baby in wool, I thought it would over heat him and big wooly knitted jumpers came to mind. After a bit of research I found out some very interesting facts about wool. Obviously wool is a natural fibre which means that it is good for the environment. It is renewable (you can always get more sheep) and biodegradable.

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Learning to Love My Post Baby Body


When you get pregnant it’s like you’ve joined a secret club- other mums can’t wait to tell you about all the awful things that happen to you when you have a baby. Saggy boobs, stretch marks, complete loss of your pelvic floor muscles, and anything else that they can think of! Funny though- no one mentioned that my feet would grow a size and a half (bye bye my lovely, expensive pre baby shoes… hello Birkenstocks!) and no one told me my eyesight would change and I’d need a whole new prescription for my glasses and contacts!

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Road Testing the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light

DSC_0363So what is it that you don’t like about travel cots? Let me see… that they are big, bulky, heavy, complicated to put together and the mattress is has hard as a rock? That was my list anyway, so I was incredibly surprised when I came across the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light. Now I am not generally a ‘hands on, build it’ type of girl. Ikea furniture and DIY jobs are way out of my league… I am pretty happy with myself if I manage to change a light bulb. These types of jobs are usually left to my husband. When we go camping I tend to hand him the things he asks for while he puts it all together. So when my Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light arrived I thought… should I wait for him to get home so that he can help me set it up? I got too excited though and decided to do it myself.

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