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When should a baby start solids?

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When Should Your Baby When you have a new baby you are bombarded with so much information (and so much of it is conflicting) that it’s hard to know where to start and what the right thing is. We question our instincts a lot of the time and we rely on advice from mothers at the park, our mothers’ groups, our own mothers, and friends. One of the big topics with a young baby is when to start solids and what to feed them. Everyone has a different opinion of when you should start solids with babies and what you should introduce first.

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Homemade Winter Soup

Homemade Winter Soup
We love a simple pot meal in our house.  Basically I find whatever we have in the fridge and throw it all in a huge pot.  It’s the perfect solution for days when you need to plan ahead or you need something easy but nourishing to cook.  The only effort required is chopping and occasionally pot stirring.

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Mexican Steak Sandwich


Well my friends it’s been one of those weeks. Our entire family has been knocked down by this dreadful flu that is making it’s rounds at the moment (I never knew two little boys could produce such copious amounts of boogers!) which has resulted in minimal sleep, lots of tantrums (that would be me – not the kids), and one very eventful day spent in hospital which has resulted in my inner Mummy anxieties coming to the surface and all my energy has been spent helicoptering over my children since then. Phew! I am tired just recounting that.

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Halloween Party Ideas!

Halloween party ideas

Tully is SO excited about Halloween this year. Every morning she wakes up, puts her face close to mine and says, “is it Halloween yet?”. Because Halloween is on a Saturday this year we are taking the opportunity to have a few little kids over for a Halloween party. From what I hear, quite a few people are doing the same so I thought I would share with you a few of my super easy Halloween party ideas.

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What’s in your kids’ lunchbox?

Uncle Toby's muesli bars

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I’m sure most mums will agree that school lunch boxes are the bane of their existence! It’s an ongoing struggle between packing heathy food and packing food that the kids will actually eat! It’s a battle that I fight every day with my teenagers- I’ve said before that they basically live on a white food diet and the same goes for their school lunch.

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Bring Your Meat to Life with Spice Rubs

Spice rubs for BBQ

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Spice rubs are a great way to enhance and complement the flavour of your next barbecue feast. That’s not all they can do, though – you can transform even the most famously boring cuts of meat into delicious delicacies with a good spice rub. You’ll fall in love with this simple yet effective seasoning method as soon as you take the first bite!

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