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drowning prevention

Drowning prevention- are you protecting your kids?

drowning prevention

This post is sponsored by the Royal Lifesaving Australia

I’ve always been the overcautious parent around water. I know the statistics and when we had a pool put in for last summer I set some hard and fast rules. No mobile phone in the pool area to distract me, all towels, sunscreen, goggles etc. right there before we get in the pool, and never, ever leaving Tully in the pool area without an adult. But still, there was one time she could have drowned.

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Secret diary of a bulimic

Dear Diary,

I’m at my high school camp and was sitting in the food hall for dinner… I’d demolished my plate of food while sitting at the table with my girlfriends. We were giggling about the boy crushes we had sat at the table just opposite us, I felt happy and upbeat as being away from home with all my friends felt refreshing. It’s been a long day of fun (but sometimes annoyingly daggy) ‘team building’ activities and I was starving.

As I got up to grab a few more bites from the serving area, I heard one of the boys call out ‘Going up for seconds ‘big Bridgey’?’

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How our local school benefits from Earn & Learn

This post is sponsored by Woolworths

To get a good understanding of how the Woolworths Earn & Learn program actually benefits schools, I sat down with Nathan Casey, a teacher and the Earn & Learn Coordinator for Narrabeen Lakes Primary School, as it’s one of our local schools and a small community, so I was interested in how the program works for them.

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Woolworths Earn & Learn- how does it work?

Earn & Learn

This post is sponsored by Woolworths

Has your school or preschool participated in Earn & Learn before? If they haven’t you have probably still seen the line of boxes at your local Woolworths every year. My kids have always loved collecting the stickers and adding them to the box. It’s so exciting for them to see the boxes so full by the end of the campaign.

But do you know what the program is and how it benefits schools?

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Life Hacks to Save Time in the Morning

Mornings are the most stressful time of day when you’re a mum. Getting dressed, getting lunches sorted, getting the kids ready (and finding that shoe that is always lost!) Sometimes it feels that no matter how much time we give ourselves in the morning we still end up rushing out the door late and stressed.

To help you save time in the morning we have compiled some life hacks that will help you stay calm and give you more time in your morning.

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Peppa Pig is the gateway drug of YouTube

Peppa Pig

Sure… it starts out innocent enough. Your little one is really into Peppa Pig all of a sudden but selecting a new episode every five minutes is driving you mental. You have a little bitch about it on facebook and some other, more experienced mums casually mention that you can play back to back eps on YouTube- these mothers are the pushers…

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5 Things You Should Teach Your Teens About Tax and Superannuation


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I have two teenagers, both at the age where they are working their first jobs and earning their first pay packets. With this comes paying tax (even if it’s only the tiniest of amounts at the start). These steps are their first into the world of being an adult and they need to learn about tax – how it works, what it’s used for and why we pay it. They also need to know how to lodge a tax return. So here are 5 things you should be teaching your kids about tax…  Continue reading