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How I successfully breastfed for the first time


When I became a mum for the first time, to my eldest son Charlie, I made Helicopter Parents look laissez faire. I sterilised everything, if Charlie’s dummy hit the floor I would wash it under a tap before sterilising it thoroughly with an electric Bottle Steriliser. My house was immaculate to the point it was socially isolating, I baked from scratch at least once a week and Charlie was always clean and dressed in a designer outfit. I did charity work, set up and ran a mothers group at my local church and was the President of the Junior CWA branch in my area.

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More than just ‘Mummy’


I’m four weeks into the term at Tully’s new swimming class and I sit next to a lovely mum. We chat about everything. I know her kids’ names and ages, where they go to kindy, the school she’s planning on sending them to, the fact that she went to private school and she’s unsure if to go to private or public. I know that she’s 32 (but looks 25!) what Halloween costumes her family has worn for the past two years, the theme she’s picking for her daughter’s first birthday and a whole lot more- but I don’t know her name!

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Supporting Endangered Wildlife Through Stamp Collecting

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Since I had children I’ve come to know more about animals than maybe even a zookeeper. None of my children were into cars or trucks, or Barbie – it’s all been about animals. My son especially was one of those kids that could recite every fact about animals, he knew about animals I had never even heard of and collected everything to do with animals. We have those massive folders with sheets of animal facts, we have everything from the zoo and any animal collector cards ever produced.

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Exploring our Passions!


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Four and a half is such a cute age, I can really see Tully growing and learning new things every day. It’s funny to watch her move in cycles about what she is passionate about. A few months ago it was playdough and princesses, then we moved to My Little Pony, and at the moment its drawing/ colouring or painting. Every day she makes us print out new pictures to colour and she is getting so good! She’s such a perfectionist and has been working hard to stay in the lines as she colours and paints, and she loves creating pictures that reflect her life. Continue reading

The Lazy Mum’s Guide To Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Spring has sprung at last and it brings with it the promise of warm days leading into summer- yay! However, it also brings an expectation of refreshing and renewal- aka ‘Spring Cleaning time’ I don’t know anout you but there are a million things I’d rather being doing besides cleaning and I’ll do every one of them before I pick up that mop (16 and Pregnant marathon anyone?) I’m pretty sure I’d sit through an episode of the Kardashians if it meant no cleaning. So here’s my guide to spring cleaning for you all.

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