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How to manage screen time (without the tantrums!)


Like most parents, I get nightmares about my kids over-using technology and being hooked onto their digital devices all the time. New terms like “technology addiction” or “internet use disorder” don’t help either. By the way, I might just mention here that both these terms do not exist in DSM 5 (the diagnostic manual used by most mental health professionals around the world). However, “Internet gaming disorder” does exist but a child must have some very serious symptoms to fall into that category.

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10 signs from my 5yr old that Karma is a bitch


Let’s just say in my early teens I wasn’t the saint my parents would have liked to have claimed as their daughter. Growing up in a Christian household, I was shall we say rather sheltered from the ‘naughtiness’ of this world. That is until I decided to run away from home and explore all there was on offer. From winning jelly wrestling completions at the pub on Airlie beach to partying til sunrise in the city… I’ve done my fair share of giving my poor parents heart attack after heart attack.

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The realisations of divorce

realisations of divorce

There are times in our lives where life changes crash in so quickly, you find yourself tumbling around in what seems like a deep dark ocean of rough turbulent waves that barely allow you to catch your breath.

In these moments of uncertainty and transition, the concept of time seems to disappear and the events that take place keep crashing over you, suffocating you and not allowing you to look up and see the shoreline now barely in sight.

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How I successfully breastfed for the first time


When I became a mum for the first time, to my eldest son Charlie, I made Helicopter Parents look laissez faire. I sterilised everything, if Charlie’s dummy hit the floor I would wash it under a tap before sterilising it thoroughly with an electric Bottle Steriliser. My house was immaculate to the point it was socially isolating, I baked from scratch at least once a week and Charlie was always clean and dressed in a designer outfit. I did charity work, set up and ran a mothers group at my local church and was the President of the Junior CWA branch in my area.

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More than just ‘Mummy’


I’m four weeks into the term at Tully’s new swimming class and I sit next to a lovely mum. We chat about everything. I know her kids’ names and ages, where they go to kindy, the school she’s planning on sending them to, the fact that she went to private school and she’s unsure if to go to private or public. I know that she’s 32 (but looks 25!) what Halloween costumes her family has worn for the past two years, the theme she’s picking for her daughter’s first birthday and a whole lot more- but I don’t know her name!

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Supporting Endangered Wildlife Through Stamp Collecting

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Since I had children I’ve come to know more about animals than maybe even a zookeeper. None of my children were into cars or trucks, or Barbie – it’s all been about animals. My son especially was one of those kids that could recite every fact about animals, he knew about animals I had never even heard of and collected everything to do with animals. We have those massive folders with sheets of animal facts, we have everything from the zoo and any animal collector cards ever produced.

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