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Road Test: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

We review a fair few prams over here at Stuff Mums Like (I may have a bit of a thing for prams- even though I no longer have a baby!). This time, we got to test out the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. I recruited my friend Kate and her beautiful baby boy Carter so that she could give me the low down. She used to work at MotherCare so she’s had a lot of experience with prams and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT was always one of her favourites.

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Nits- Just Spray & Go


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NITS! They are the bane of every parent’s existence. The constant spray/comb/wash/ repeat until they are FINALLY gone. For some reason all three of my kids are nit attractors. You’d think once they were teens you could escape the nits, but not when you have a four-year-old as well- nits are dragged in from kindy at every opportunity.

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But first…coffee


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I wake up at the crack of dawn. Sometimes I even see the sun rise which is pretty but this mumma does not do mornings.

Coffee! That’s how most mums start their day in order to get through another jam packed schedule with zero sleep. Either that – or you just really love and appreciate your coffee.

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Real Mum Review- Reid Cycles kids vintage roadsters


It was an exciting day here when my six-year-old son received a delivery from Reid Cycles. His very own big boy bike. The same kind his best friend Tully has but this one was navy blue. Finally, the weekend rolled by and Nathan pulled out his tool kit to help build it with his dad. What a fun bonding experience that was for the two of them and Nathan finally had a legitimate reason to use his mini-me toolkit.

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Peggy- helping to get you out and having fun with the family


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It’s no secret that, as mums, we spend way too much time doing housework and not nearly enough time having fun! Apparently almost 40% of parents feel they have too much housework and/or chores to do! So when I was offered to trial a new prototype designed to help lighten the load, I was pretty interested. With three kids, running the blog, working in my PR job and all the housework, it can be hard to find time to get everything done.

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