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NRMA Big 4 Holiday Park- Treasure Island Qld

NRMA Big 4 Holiday Park- Treasure Island 5

Recently we headed off to the Gold Coast for a family holiday. With three kids aged three, 14 and 16 it can be hard to find a holiday destination we will all enjoy, but the Gold Coast has something for everyone. First up we needed to find somewhere to stay. I had some boxes that had to be ticked when it came to where we would stay and they were: It must be self catering, it must have it least 2 bedrooms, it must have a pool and play area, food on site would be extra points and it can’t be too far from all the shops and theme parks etc. NRMA Big 4 Holiday Park- Treasure Island ticked all the boxes- so lets take a look.

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Heading on Holidays with our Trunki

trunki 1

Just recently we headed off for a long weekend in the country, at my dad’s new holiday house in the upper Hunter region of NSW. We were really looking forward to getting out of Sydney and away for a while. It was a bonus that we were heading to the country because Tully is animal obsessed! But of course before we could leave we had to pack half the house…

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Road Test- The Mitsubishi Mirage


Ahh the family wagon- it’s not very glamorous is it? The big  car, full of carseats, school bags, scooters, shopping and endless toddler paraphernalia that you drag with you just so you can get from A to B without a screaming meltdown. At this very moment I can tell you that surrounding the toddler seat is; 1 fairy music box, 2 pairs of gumboots, a pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers (kid has a shoe fetish!), a packet of half eaten Tiny Teddies, an iPad that needs charging and some Sylvanian Families toys sprinkled about for good measure! So when I was given the opportunity to dump the family wagon and take the new Mitsubishi Mirage ES Sedan for a spin, I lept a the opportunity faster than the toddler leaps on a new pair of shoes!

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