Giveaway: Disney on Ice presents Frozen

It’s that time of year again! Tully has been counting down to her next Disney on Ice experience and we know your little ones probably are too. This year Disney on Ice presents Frozen– the full story in all its glory, and we have four tickets to give away to a show in your city.

Enter a fantastical winter wonderland beyond imagination at Disney On Ice presents Frozen.

The heartwarming Academy Award-winning tale you love is now LIVE and skating into your town.  Be magically whisked away to wintry Arendelle by dazzling special effects and astonishing skating as you sing and dance along to inspiring songs including “Let It Go”.  Join royal sisters Anna and Elsa, the hilarious snowman Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven as they journey to discover that true love is the most magical power of all!  Hosted by Mickey and Minnie, with special appearances by beloved Disney Princesses and characters from favourites like Disney Pixar’s Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Disney’s The Lion King, this unforgettable celebration of love and friendship will leave your family with memories to last a lifetime.

Disney on Ice presents Frozen will be touring Australia from the 2nd- 25th July 2017. For the full list of shows and more information visit

To win four tickets to one of the below shows tell us why you want to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen.

4 x Sydney Friday 14th July 7:00pm – A Reserve Upper

4 x Adelaide Friday 9th June 7:00pm – A Reserve

4 x Brisbane Thursday 29th 3:00pm – A Reserve

4 x Melbourne Wednesday 5th 7:00pm – A Reserve Upper

4 x Perth Friday 2nd June 7:00pm – A Reserve Upper

(full terms and conditions here)

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77 thoughts on “Giveaway: Disney on Ice presents Frozen

  1. Melissa

    I love that Frozen is about sisterly love!
    I have two daughters – sisters who are adoring Frozen fans and who adore each other so much 💜 It’s awesome to see! And I have an amazing sister who I adore like she does me. I’d love a day of all us sister’s hanging out around the ice making memories that will forever be frozen in time 💖

  2. Lisa S

    Anna and Elsa, my children truly adore!
    I think they’ve watched Frozen a hundred times- maybe more!

    They love the characters, the story and the singing throughout-
    I love the beautiful messages within- especially about embracing yourself- without fear or doubt!

    To have my little ones growing and learning to let the little things go-
    While valuing family, thanks to Disney and Frozen, makes me happier than anyone will ever know!

    Experiencing the thrill of Disney on Ice with my children would be magical for sure-
    I can guarantee on their faces there’d be excitement, joy and massive smiles galore!


  3. Mara

    To let my nieces let it go and experience the magic of Disney on Ice, like I experienced when I was younger seeing all the Disney on Ice’s from Beauty and the Beast to 101 Dalamations. It would be amazing and magical seeing the smiles on their aces.

  4. Lennice Cummings

    I would love to go to the Melbourne show to see my beautiful children’s faces light up at the magic of Disney on ice especially my daughter who loves frozen so very much

  5. Stacey Shailer

    Living in Darwin, seeing a Disney show (let alone a Disney show ON ICE!) is something totally unknown to my little Top End kids! I’d love to treat them to a trip to see one of their favourite movies come to life on the ice with a little Disney magic.

  6. DIANA

    I’d love to make the kids first ‘big event’ an absolutely amazing one, that will live in their minds eye forever and a day. Son and daughter both adore Frozen, and to be honest I secretly do to (can’t speak for hubby, but having seen it so much, I know he enjoys it as well). Melbourne, please and thank you if I’m lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Marlene Hanlon

    Love to take my granddaughter, after another heart operation
    this year, Else and Anna have got us though stuck in bed seeing on ice in Brisbane would be a treat

  8. Rebekah

    I’d love this because my son is completely obsessed with Frozen, thanks to his big sister. They would live this opportunity to go to the Sydney event!

  9. Donna Mundey

    My daughter lives for Anna& Elsa. It kind if drives me crazy. Wears her Frozen pjs every night and demands to wear one if her Frozen dresses every SINGLE day.
    I would love to see her face watching this show.

  10. Oriana Cuffe

    My Grandaughter is 14 and would absolutely love to see Frozen. She loves the show and would be great if she got to see it.

  11. Taegan Speck

    We took our son to Disney on ice in Melbourne for his first birthday! I would love to take our daughter this year! Both children would happily watch frozen all day every day!

  12. Renata from Melbourne

    Let It Go is the song that, well, refuses to let go. And Frozen is well and truly on track to becoming one of the most popular and enduring Disney movies of all time.And look, I can lose myself in the magic of a Disney On Ice show. You’re never too old for Disney, I say.

  13. Correna White

    I would love to win tickets to the melbourne show for my 5 year old daughter and 5 year old niece. The two of them are frozen mad when ever the girls are togather they do nothing but play frozen, they know the songs off by heart.
    This would be the ultimate start to the school holidays.

  14. Jennifer Swift

    I still remember attending Disney On Ice with my mum and grandma as a very young child, it was such a magical and unforgettable experience…

    I have a son who’s 5 and two daughters, 7 and 8yrs old. My eldest Anna-Lee will be turning 9 at the start of June so this would be the perfect surprise birthday adventure for my Frozen-obsessed girls (and boy!)…

    They simply adore this tale of the unbreakable sisterly bond between Anna & Elsa with the added hilarious antics of adorable Olaf and Sven! (Plus they all love loudly belting out their own amusingly off-key renditions of “Let It Gooooooo!”) 😀

    Fingers crossed and thank-you for the chance. (Perth please). 🙂

  15. Selena

    My daughter loves Frozen – she is 3 and knows All the words and enthusiastic dance moves to ‘Let it Go!’❄ and ‘do you wanna build a Snowman!’⛄We’d love to take her along with her older long-time Elsa fan cousin 👭

  16. Renae

    Because Everyone needs a little Disney in their life 🙂 We would love to see Disney On Ice – Frozen, with two frozen mad daughters who know every word and every song from the movie they would be so excited to see the show brought to life on ice. They love that Frozen is about sisters and they love the characters especially Olaf and Marshmallow for my youngest and Elsa for my eldest. Seeing Disney on ice presents frozen would even thaw my husbands frozen heart towards the movie 🙂
    Sydney Please

  17. Dannii Newman

    My 5 year old daughter would love to go and has been begging me, she believes in the magic and loves feeling part of the story. We would make a girls day out of it with my daughters bestfriend and her Mum (her bestfriend has also been begging her Mum to go), this would be a great memorable experience for them to remember for a lifetime and I’m sure seal their friendship even more with the magic of disney 💕 not to mention a beautiful day out for us Mums to enjoy watching the joy it brings to our girls 😃

  18. Deb Matthews

    I want to see Disney On Ice because I love the skill required to dance on the ice. I think figure skating is beautiful.

    Miss 8 would love to see Frozen as it is still one of her favourite films.

    Master 3 would be enthralled by the glitz and glamour of Disney On Ice. He has yet to go to one.

  19. Betty Piccioni

    I would like to take my two grandchildren who love Elsa and Anna and the crew because they have been away for a year in Queensland due to my son in laws work but are coming home in May. And it would be a wonderful surprise for my grandkids to take them to see the show. Please consider me so I can take them. Thank you. In Perth please.

  20. R Silverthorne

    We would love to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen in Sydney as we LOVE Frozen in our house. Still after many, many, many, many times watching it I will happily sit down & watch it with my daughters again.
    We love the characters, the storyline & the songs.
    I have never taken my kids to a Disney On Ice performance so would love to this year.

  21. Shenen Ogilvie

    My son and daughter absolutely love Frozen, they are forever singing let it go and it is one of the few movies they will watch all the way through.
    Frozen is quite spectacular as it shows true love and friendship and that concealing your fear and yourself from those that love you can cause more damage.

    Watching it live in Brisbane would be an amazing treat for our whole family.

  22. Marlene

    Let me go, let me go, let me go to the Adelaide Disney on ice show……would love for my daughter to go to this to wind up her birthday celebrations. Plus I am so excited about the frozen show I really want to go

  23. Terrie

    I would love to win this for my daughters birthday.
    She loves Anna and Elsa and would love to see Disney on ice, as a very special treat for her birthday.


  24. Cassie

    I would love to experience the amazing show disney on ice with my daughter, it would be our first big show together

  25. Megan Merrett

    I would love to see Disney frozen on ice in Melbourne. I LOVE that the story is a love story without needing the handsome prince to save the day. What a fabulous message to share with our daughters AND sons

  26. Amy Lockwood

    I would love to take my little girl to see this for her 5th birthday! She is utterly obsessed with Anna and Elsa. It would make her whole year! Brisbane please and thank you 😀

  27. Tracey Barker

    I’d love to take my daughter to the Sydney show for a mummy/girly date (with 3 brothers they don’t happen often!)

  28. Sherry

    Would love to see frozen on ice to see the magic up close and personal. After seeing frozen on the big screen the kids couldnt get enough of the songs and phrases. Disney on ice knows how to bring magic into little kids lives and if the kids get to see this show they would think elsa and anna really exist! What a great day out it would be.

  29. Kelly hill

    We would love to see Disney on ice frozen because for our first time seeing Disney on ice frozen would be perfect because my daughter is still obsessed!


  30. Kelly Anderson

    I have three girls one 8 year old and two 3 year olds they love frozen more then any thing. I even love it omg it would be like the best thing to take my girls to see this I would so love to 😃

  31. Lily Nguyen

    There’s always that little girl inside of each of us that loves the story of the princess and the prince, especially when the girls kick bitt. I think I’m secretly more excited to see this than the kids.

    Also, who doesn’t watch the Olympics figure skating competition – the skill, flair, poise and costume. This is all my little girl dreams in one.


  32. Brooke Hughes

    My little girl loves frozen and unfortunately I was unable to afford tickets to go to the newcastle show, but a trip to sydney on the train to see it would make it a bit more special and she would get to experience it all with her older sister

  33. Charmain Lee

    I’d love to take my little girl to see Disneys frozen on Ice!! She wakes me up every morning with a line out of the movie. ” the skies awake so I’m awake so we have to play”. Shes frozen obsessed and truely believes she’s queen Elsa of Arendale
    Thanks for the opportunity to win would love to make my little girls dream come true would love to see it in sydney

  34. Charmain Lee

    My 3 year girl believes she’s queen Elsa
    She wakes me up with a line out of the movie everyday. “The skies awake so I’m awake so we have to play” she’s just a tad bit obsessed. Would love tickets to see it in sydney would love to make my little girls dream come true!

  35. Ryan H

    To treat my daughters as we’re having another baby in May and they may feel a little left out so this would be a great treat for them.

  36. Charlotte B

    My daughters don’t ever stop singing the songs but always get the words wrong. Maybe seeing the show live they will learn the words to the songs.

  37. Gabriella H

    After breaking her leg over the summer holidays and missing out on all the fun, our daughter would see this as a much needed reward for her patience in her recovery.

  38. Sarah vogiagis

    My boys 5 and 3 love frozen and jump every time they see the ad. What an amazing memory to make and take them to see this show. #mumcreatingmemories

  39. Kristina S

    I love Frozen as much as my girls do. You are never too old for Disney. Their stories leave you dreaming big and that anything is possible.

  40. Jane Harris

    ‘For the First Time in Forever’ my 4 year old is OBSESSED with something. When it comes to Anna and Elsa she will not ‘Let It Go’. So tickets to Disney on Ice would be the perfect treat for us all.

  41. Judy

    I cannot afford to take my young daughter to this but she would love to see this more than I can really put into words. She just adores Olaf. She adores the love story between the sisters and although an only child desperately wants an Elsa sister when she grows up. She wants to ice skate and see snow, which is a “one day” wish for us to do. We are Brisbane folk.

  42. Chris Sheppard

    My boys & I love Frozen! It’s our go to movie when ever we need cheering up. It would be wonderful to share this experience with them & I desperately want to see Sven & Olaf ice dancing! 💜💙⛸🦌☃

  43. Lynnette Bull

    I would love to win this for my girls as we know the show will be as great as all the previous shows but my youngest would love to buy some Disney on Ice Frozen merchandise to add to her collection along with the ticket stubbs

  44. Rinna Winen

    Honestly, because we’ve never been. It always seems to come around by surprise at a time each year that is generally a low cash flow time. It’s also close my eldest daughters birthday 😣 We’d all love to go as a family, both my girls LOVE Frozen and even spend time acting out certain scenes. It can be rather amusing as one has red hair and the other is blonde! Lol

  45. Belinda walker

    My daughter is turning 3. She’s recently discovered ‘frozen’. Toilet training was so easy with her ‘frozen’ knickys.

  46. Janice Thompson

    Stuff Mums Like?
    How do we like it?
    On ice!
    Stuff Mums Like?
    A clean house!
    How do we like it?
    Kept that way!
    Stuff Mums Like?
    Quiet time!
    How do we like it?
    For as long as we can!
    …oops got carried away… focus! Focus!

    Stuff Mums (and her crew) Like?
    How do we like it?
    On Ice!
    Where do we like it?
    In Melbourne 🤗

  47. Laura Power

    I would love to take my kids and my lovely niece Disney shows always get such fantastic reviews something they would remember for a long time.

  48. Karla Oleinikoff

    My 2 girls help look after their Special Needs brothers. Having some Disney magic in their lives would let me say thank you to them.

  49. Ashlea Sutton

    If my almost 3 year doesn’t watch Frozen at least once a day there’s a meltdown (pardon the pun). To be able to see Elsa live in Perth, on ice would blow his mind. I’d love to he able to take his best friend (who is a full blown Elsa with long golden curls) so they can sing Let It Go together with the princess & Queen.

  50. Brooke Piavanini

    My daughter regularly asks to go back to Disney on Ice since her first Disney on Ice experience last year. She was absolutely mesmerized with the show, especially the Frozen scenes. A whole show dedicated to Frozen would be the ultimate for her! And since she started full time school, we are very overdue for a quality mummy/daughter date x

  51. Belinda walker

    My little ones are 19months apart. And just starting to play with each other. My almost 3 yr old is obsessed with only wearing ‘Elsa Anna knickys and Elsa Anna rubber boots
    Adelaide please

  52. lara morello

    My boys just experienced their first ice skating session. I commented that there are shows performed on ice and they didn’t believe me. How wonderful it would be to show them one of their favourite stories in this way (in Sydney).

  53. Tara Squires

    Many questions have been asked
    By my kids about the cast
    Is frozen real they would repeat
    Hopefully i can show them from their seat!

    Brisbane pretty please

  54. wondering who the lucky families are?

    Just wondering if the winners have been notified? Just so we can purchase tickets if we weren’t so lucky

  55. Indika Wijayasekera

    My son is a die-hard fan of this show.We’d love to see the characters performance punctuating by the jumps, flips and twirls that enhances the overall joy of watching it live.My son would love to see the massive ice monster and inflatable creature.Most of all, we’d love to listen to the Academy Award winning songs.My son loves let it go…I want to see his face lights up with joy…We surely would not want to miss on it!Thanks stuff mums like for the opportunity. (MELBOURNE PLEASE).

  56. Chelsea Ingram

    we would be beyond grateful to get the chance to see our biggest stars perform in real life. My two year old daughter has an obsession, maybe that an understatement because she honestly can not let it go. i have to hide some of her frozen things due to the tantrums. would love to be at the sydney show in july


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