Hollie & Harrie Sombrilla Part 1- the beach debut

So I have a feeling you are going to be hearing quite a lot about my Hollie & Harrie Sombrilla! As far as I’m concerned it’s the number one must have this summer! “What’s a Sombrilla?” I hear you ask! Only the best beach tent invention…ever! I for one absolutely hate those beach tents. I hate the look of them and I hate sitting in them in the direct sun, slowly cooking away. They are ugly and hot but it’s ok- Hollie & Harrie have come to our rescue!

Their Sombrilla is a bit like an old fashioned tent, with pegs, but way more stylish. The open back and front mean that it gets great airflow and the canvas roof can be adjusted to protect you from the sun if it is high in the sky or lower down- you just angle the canvas appropriately.

I took my Sombrilla on it’s first outing on the weekend when I took my oh-so-white baby to the beach. I was left to set it up by myself while my husband parked the car and I can definitely say that I need a bit of practice to make it a smooth process, and it’s a two person job, however once it was set up it was great! It was certainly the coolest tent on the beach and I got plenty of enquiries about where to get it. Just owning one makes you feel like you are on a glamorous island holiday (even though you’re just at the local lagoon with a bunch of screaming, splashing kids!)

Next Sombrilla outing- the park! I’ll let you know how we go!



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    And if you purchase one before the end of the month (November) you receive a FREE Sunshirt for your little one! See our Blog page for details at hollieandharrie.com.au/blog/
    Hollie & Harrie x
    Let the sun shine on…and save your skin!


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