P.S.A- Trolls is now on DVD- with Party Mode!


If anyone else has had the Trolls soundtrack on repeat since December, you can now rejoice! Trolls in now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Now, instead of singing, “Knock, Knock me over,” all day long you can finally let the kids watch it and leave you in peace.

Trolls are running my world lately. When I went to New York I brought back large plush Poppy and Branch toys for Tully and they are firm favourites. We go nowhere without them. They even have to come to swimming lessons.

We have a Trolls 5th birthday taking place here in a few weeks (wish me luck) and I’m forced to whisper, “hello’, twenty times a day. If you don’t know what I mean, you’re not in the full Trolls obsession like over here.

So now you can grab your DVD. The Blu-ray also comes with Party Mode, which basically turns your Trolls DVD into a kids version of going to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s interactive and sing-along for extra fun.

If you’re still needing more Trolls in your life then you can download these colouring pages  to give the kids:

trolls_activitysheet_coloringpage2 trolls_activitysheet_coloringpage3

Oh and after all that hype with Trolls party mode Cloud Guy has you covered. He’s running some meditation for the kids to get them ready for bed.


Thanks to a revolutionary collaboration between Smiling Mind, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation, a Trolls-inspired meditation will be available for free to foster positive mental health in children.

Launching in conjunction with the Blu-ray release children’s minds will be transported to the clouds by the voice of wisecracking Trolls character Cloud Guy (co-director Walter Dohrn) to help children calm down, relax, and focus on developing contentment and happiness from within, rather than looking to external factors to find happiness.

The best part about this fun initiative is that 10-year-old Melbournian Willow Bailey came up with the concept which put the wheels in motion to making it all happen.

You can download it for free on the Smiling Minds app

Bring home happy, Trolls is new to Blu-ray, DVD & Digital March 15th.Trolls-1


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