Score one of five Ballerina movie prize packs

Ballerina Movie

We are so excited for Ballerina! We’ve been waiting for ages to see it. We know you are waiting too so we have some very special packs for you.

Félicie is a young orphan from Brittany with only one passion: dance. With her best friend Victor, who wants to become a great inventor, she devises a madcap plan to escape the orphanage for Paris, the City of Lights where the Eiffel Tower is still being built! Félicie will have to work like never before to surpass herself and to learn from her mistakes, to make her wildest dream come true: becoming a prima ballerina at the Paris Opera… Ballerina dances into cinemas January 12!

To celebrate the release we are giving you:

5 Ballerina prize packs containing

1 X Family pass (2 x doubles) to see the movie

1 X Ballet Bag,

1 X necklace

1 X Ballet Bag

ballerina prizepackimage_posterprizepack


To enter tell us who you would take to see Ballerina and why?

(Giveaway closes Sunday 15th Jan 2017. Open to Australian resident over 18 only)

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59 thoughts on “Score one of five Ballerina movie prize packs

  1. Prudence Killen

    I would love to take my 2 daughters Isla(7 )and Grace (3) to see the movie. We’ve had a terrible year with my daughters going through my breast cancer treatment with me and not a lot of fun times. Both daughters love dancing and would have a lot of fun at the movie

  2. Lauren Rendell

    My 3 yr old tiny dancer can’t wait to take her ballerina cousin to see the movie! Two little girls with big dancing dreams!

  3. Brianna

    I would take my 3 kids (2 girls and 1boy) as they are OBSESSED with ballet. They have all dance since they were 3 and everything is all about ballet all the time! We can’t even walk down the street without some kind of ballet being done.

  4. Isabeau

    My two daughters. They love to dance and they love Maddie! This movie sounds like it has such a great message about never giving up!

  5. Melissa Ware

    My daughters as they are both dancers and dances obsessed. They dance everywhere they go and every step they take turns into a dance move

  6. Laura Neilson

    I would take miss four as she loves ballet and keeps pointing out “that’s my ballet hall” every time we go near it. She saw the posters for it today and had to be encouraged to keep moving as she was stuck looking at it.

  7. Alana

    Makayla is my 4yo ballerina who twirls through the house in her wonderful collection of twirling dresses. She would love to see ballerina on the big screen and bonus she’ll get a choc top too.

  8. Wendy Hatton

    Imogen who never stops trying to do stuff… anything at all, she’ll have a go. The word ‘can’t’ doesn’t exist. She’s destined for greatness.

  9. Leighanne

    I would twirl my way to this awesome movie
    With my darling sweet son Sammy.
    He loves to dance and dreams of being an inventor
    Paris is my favourite City…could we ask for more!
    Stuff Mums Like please pick me and my boy
    Ballerina would bring us so much joy 😊

  10. Maria

    I would take my daughter Chiara because she means the whole world to me and I enjoy spending one on one time with her at the movies which we don’t get to do very often because I am a single mum.
    This would make my daughter so so happy if I won this competition..
    Thankyou for the opportunity to enter this amazing giveaway. Xx

  11. Melanie

    My 3 year old daughter loves her ballet class so we would go with one of her ballet besties and mum, a mummy daughter double date!

  12. Nicole harrison

    I would take miss 5, who has been dancing for 3yrs and her sister who is starting dancing this year . They live and breath dancing ….all day everyday

  13. Yaima

    I would love to take my middle daughter. She loves to be a ballerina since she was born. It has been a tricky challenge because she is to small for it, but she is so confident she can make her dream comes true! I would always encourage her to fight for it 🙂

  14. Sandra Hall

    I would take my daughter and a friend from her ballet class. She started classes a few years later than most kids at her dance school so is older than most kids at her level but she still loves it and is learning at her pace. Dance is her love at the moment.

  15. Rebecca Hansen

    My 5 year old boy has been watching the adds for this and keeps say look mummy ballerina I want see that one he loves to dance and would truly love to see it dancing is for little boys too ♥

  16. Sue Baker

    I would take my granddaughter Tahlia, who is six. I loved ballet at her age and I was secretly disappointed that neither of my daughters wanted to dance. Tahlia does though, so I’ve waited a while but my wish came true in the end!

  17. Helen

    I would take my 6 year old daughter Tahlia. She absolutely loves anything to do with ballet, and has been taking lessons since she was 2. She will go bananas when this movie comes out!

  18. Kerry Henderson

    I would take my 3 1/2 year old daughter who is about to begin her much anticipated dance classes! With two older brothers this movie would be such a novelty for us.

  19. Michelle

    I would like to take my 4 and 10 year old who love to dance, it would be a great movie for them to see about passion and determination

  20. Debbie Dye

    My little Miss started dancing this year. I’m so proud of her for overcoming her fears to get up on stage & dance her heart out. She’d love to see Ballerina as a special treat for working so hard.

  21. Laura

    My 9 year old daughter can’t wait to see it she is a dancer and loves Maddie Ziegler who does one of the voices of the ballerina

  22. R Silverthorne

    My daughters would both love this movie, one currently does & loves ballet & the youngest is about to start. My eldest has red hair so I’m always keen to take her to see strong red haired characters in shows & movies.

  23. Nicole kent

    Little miss 7 I’d take with me
    She loves to sing and dance with glee
    The perfect movie for a girlie day
    And time together in the holidays

  24. Michelle Rundstrom

    I would love to take miss 9 who uses dancing as a treatment aid to help her with ADHD. She loves dancing and dances up to 25hrs a week (ballet, Neo, Jazz, Hip hop, Song and dance and Acro) on top of school. This would give her some chill out time with something she really enjoys these school holidays.

  25. Brooke S

    Little Miss twirls who has started kindy gymnastics and hasn’t quite yet decided whether she will be a gymnast or ballerina. She would also adore the pink tutu!

  26. Ern

    My three girls, all dancers and cuter than cute. Will make for an amazing Daddy daughter lunch/movie date……………and wife/Mummy can come too, if she’d not prefer to stay home, relax and enjoy some peaceful downtime without her ‘noisy ones’ there, as she refers to us (& I like to think of that as fondly lol).

  27. Teena L

    I’d take my daughters Bek and Tay, they have been hanging out to see this since they saw the preview and are really excited! Both love to dance but are rough as 🙂

  28. Hayley s

    I would love to see my husband take my daughter. If I am watching Monster trucks, he can check out the ballerinas!

  29. DIANA

    Daughter who’s ballerina obsessed and her cousin, who are both starting ballet lessons together in February 🙂

  30. Cassie

    My 8 year old daughter because she keeps asking if we can go to the movies to see a movie and she loves to twirl like a ballerina.

  31. Gabriella

    I’d take my niece who has just broke her ankle so has been limited on what she can do these summer holidays.

  32. kath weber

    My beautiful 3year old daughter as she is always wearing a Ballerina dress plus she thinks that she is a Ballerina and loves to do the actions.. Also in my eyes she is my Ballerina.

  33. Lynnette Bull

    Little Miss 5, as she is always wanting to wear her Tutu’s everywhere and I am starting to believe she has forgotten how to walk as she loves to dance her way everywhere we go. Including to see the Ballerina movie

  34. Claire thrower

    My daughter perfect school holiday treat and mother and daughter time, she has just started dancing so I know she would absolutely love This, movie looks so cute with a great storyline.

  35. Stacey Shailer

    I’d have to take my own 2 little aspiring ballerinas (my daughters) with me, I’d love to treat them to a ‘ballet’ day out!

  36. Jess black

    My eldest daughter, about to start school and so desperately needing some one on one time with her Mummy before she jets off to conquer the world!

  37. Monica S.

    My granddaughters Sienna 6, Stella 4, Aria 2…all blondies of different shades, with soft curly cute hair and they are crazzzzzzy about dance!!

  38. sonya

    I’d take my kids. My little man is 5 and very in touch with his feminine side and wants to be a ballerina already, which we’re happy to support… he makes a nice change from his big sister who is a tomboy!

  39. ange

    My little miss ‘i am going to be a ballerina’ some day so I will start wearing only tutus everywhere. she breathes being a dancer and will show us all her moves – so very cute – I would also take my nephew because on xmas day he was showing me how he can twirl like a ballerina

  40. Kevin Kelly

    My little granddaughter Ava, she got a Ballerina dress for a fancy dress party and has wore it out, my daughter cursed it sometimes and it eventually fell apart, she will be so happy if I win another one for her


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