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Since we bought our house seven years ago, and recently an investment property, I’ve been through a number of banks and several mortgage brokers. Some were great, some less so. But the process is always so complicated. Endless forms and back and forth with the banks. It can take forever!

However, There’s a new player in the mortgage market that is here to make life easier! Joust is like Tinder, but for your mortgage. Joust cuts out the middleman and makes banks compete for your attention and your mortgage.

It’s an anonymous live auction, where up to 11 lenders compete for your business. It’s obligation free and it’s perfect for people looking to refinance or invest.

Joust wants to know what people are looking for so they are giving you the chance to win $1000 off your mortgage. All you need to do is answer the survey questions in the link below.

Go to the survey

To find out more visit www.joustnow.com.au

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