WIN a pair of FRANKIE4 Shoes!


Summer is almost here and we want to celebrate! Thanks to our very favourite friends we are giving away two pairs of shoes from the FRANKIE4 Spring/Summer collection.

So why do we love them? Well apart from being the most comfortable shoes ever made, the FRANKiE4 Functional Footbeds are Podiatrist & Physiotherapist designed. They support your entire foot: rearfoot, midfoot and forefoot, plus they look fantastic.


I seriously don’t wear anything but FRANKIE4 these days- and we want you to feel the same!

So, to win your very own pair of FRANKIE4 shoes you just ned to do the following:

Like FRANKIE4 on Facebook and Instagram and tell us below why FRANKiE4 needs to save your sole!

(T&CS: open to Australian residents over 18. Comp closes Thursday 17th November at 11pm. Please note the Niki and Piper shoes are sold out so cannot be chosen.)


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49 thoughts on “WIN a pair of FRANKIE4 Shoes!

  1. Kylie

    Oh please save my sole! I just cracked through my current pair of Mox and I’m starting to wonder if slippers could be an appropriate outdoor shoe as I have no time to shop! These gorgeous shoes look like they would give me the comfort I crave whilst looking good- such a difficult combination to find!

  2. sharyn w

    frankie needs to save my sole
    before my shoes make me end up in a hole
    my feet are precious and crappy sandals make them sore
    so frankie shoes would be bliss for my feet for sure

  3. Nerida

    I have been dreaming of a pair of “lauren” frankies for ages now to save my two little soles & would love to wear these every day to show them off like they deserve!

  4. Michele Sangster

    Frankie literally needs to save my sole as I the inner arch of my feed have collapsed and will need good well made shoes like Frankie4. Pleeeease!

  5. Miffy

    Please FRANKIE4 save my sole I have been looking everywhere for a nice shoe that provides support and comfort your shoes would be perfect!

  6. Lauren Roney

    My pregnant feet need some tlc and heaven knows when that will happen. A fabulous pair of frankie 4 footwear could just save my soles for me

  7. jazza

    Just had a baby and none of my shoes fit as my foot size changed when pregnant, no time to go out and by a new pair, these would be great for me and my feet been wearing cheap shoes, so these would help my feet not just comfort but podiatrist and physiotherapist designed very important especially now being on my feet with a baby.

  8. Hana S

    I became a Frankie convert a year ago and will never look back! I’m on a mission to replace every pair in my “shoedrobe” with Frankies! But my bestie’s soles need saving! She is a breastcare nurse and spends all day on her feet supporting women battling breast cancer. She needs Frankies! I’d love to surprise her with a pair of Ellies!

  9. Katherine

    I would love to be given the opportunity, I’ve just recently sustained a fracture and lisfranc injury (look it up, not fun!) and have had to give away all my shoes… I have to get custom made orthotics to support my now permanent limp and my physio and podiatrist have recommended frankie4 as they fit my orthotic perfectly so I’m saving up to buy a pair while I’m still in my moonboot!

  10. Renae Georg

    I’d never heard of these shoes until a friend sent me this link for a bit of a giggle because I have a baby girl called Frankie. But reading about these shoes has made me want to try them. All my shoes are over 5 years old as I dread shoe shopping. They all look so pretty but finding comfortable ones that are good for my feet and spine are impossible (well, that’s how it feels). Alas, I’ve just started a new job and do need some new ones so would love to win these.

    1. Renae Georg

      So I saw my chiropractor today and crazy co-incidence – she told me I should buy Frankie4 shoes!!! So I will be buying some enclosed ones (I think they are called Ellie) for work but would super love some of these pretty sandal style ones. Now to just find some time to go to my local stockist.

  11. Renee

    I would love Frankie 4 to save my soles!!! I have 16 month old beautiful twins, who keep me very very busy! I swear I feel 10 years older since having them (but God I love them)! An awesome pair of shoes to help me get through the day and eliminate some of the aches and pains would be awesome! Fingers crossed x

  12. Nikolina

    Suffering from plantar fasciitis (heel pain), I really have to be careful which footwear I choose. These look like they would be super comfortable and protect my heels whilst looking stylish too.

  13. Kirst

    Oh FRANKiE4 how I have sinned, please help save the soles I walk in!
    I’ve made some really wicked shoes decisions over my 30 (something) years, with impulsive buying topping the list!
    I’ve brought shoes with huge heels hoping to get some extra height,
    It didn’t work neither did listening to some sales assistants crazy shoe advice.
    I’ve had blisters, scary slips and pain over and over again,
    I’ve even been out and walking barefoot with shoes in hand, Oh the shame!
    Each time I vow I’ll never wear such ill fitting and non-practical shoes again.
    Now that I’m studying in the allied health sector, podiatrists, physio’s and OT’s have become my good friends. I know that FRANKiE4 shoes are something they sell and that they all recommend.
    I’d love to win a pair of stylish FRANKiE4 Penni shoes to caress my precious tootsies. They have an elegant wedge heel and look extra comfy.
    This summer would be where my sole saving begins!

  14. Tammi

    Save my soles! I am working in a corporate environment and can’t afford to buy new shoes… the shoes I wear make me look like I am so daggy and my feet ache so much when I get home.
    These shoes look super stylish and supportive!

  15. Mindo AK

    I love walking with my 20mo girl, because we can chat a lot and see lots of things along the way. But where we live doesnt have descent footpath. So please help me to have good shoes to walk with my little one

  16. Peta-Lee Bartlett

    I went through my shoes and discovered most were so old they were going mouldy and crumbly. I have only a couple of pairs of terribly uncomfortable flats left. Help! MY poor feet are sore amd struggling

  17. Carmel Corry

    Foot support teamed with comfort and style? Yes please! With all the walking I’m doing since I decided to get fitter, the more I need to pamper my dicky knees by aligning my feet correctly. Frankie4 sounds just what I’m after 🙂

  18. Lana De Angelis

    FRANKiE4 needs to literally save my soul, my current shoes melthes in the car (loooong story) and I’ve been wearing them as I haven’t found the perfect replacement, but now my heels and feet are cracked to heck! I need FRANKiE4 to save my feet the horror I inflict on them daily!

  19. Chont

    I’d love a pair because I need stylish yet practical shoes for work. I love sandals because I walk half an hour to work, won’t overheat my feet and I need flats because of my back.

  20. Karina Lee

    I got some seriously cracked feet so I need some new open shoes for Summer thats comfortable and goos for the sole!

  21. Melissa Lewis

    I have 4 boys under 10, life is nuts busy. I don’t really get much time for mysrlf these days everything is neglected. My feet are in a bit of a state and both soles need saving!! I would love you to save them..
    I haven’t been able to get to the podiatrist for a year either😱
    I will attach the sorry pic of my my sole and hope that it doesn’t gross you all out, I’d love to wear these shoes which make me feel like a girl and help my feet at the same time❤️😍 Thanks xx

  22. Jessica Kerr

    Please save my soles! I have wide feet and have NEVER been able to find sandals that would fit them. Every summer I sweat it out in my trainers / sneakers, I never have anything suitable to pair with dresses or skirts so my fashion choices are limited to jeans. Frankie4’s range look beautiful, not only that but from everything I’ve just read and seen, not only will they provide a perfect fit for my feet but perfect support too! I’d love a pair of Frankie4 sandals, not only would I finally be able to let my feet breathe out in the sun, I could actually team them with summer dresses and paint my toes pink!

  23. Kim Morgan

    A good looking pair of shoes, does get you compliments, but a good feeling shoe, can do so much more, for the busy day ahead!

  24. Adrienne HARRIES

    FRANKiE4 sole comfort
    FRANKiE4 sole style
    FRANKiE4 soul fashion
    FRANKiE4 soul smiles
    FRANKiE4 sole saving low heels
    FRANKiE4 this girl’s soul
    Thanks FRANKiE4 saving my soul and soles

  25. Shona

    These all look cute! And if they’re good for my feet I’d love a pair. I never buy shoes (or anything for that matter) for myself these days – it’s all about the little person 😄 So having the chance to spoil me and my feet would be awesome!

  26. Louise Hopper

    Frankie4 would save my sole (& bones) transplant=weak bones, my feet constantly ache and it makes it hard to walk. I would just love some comfortable,pretty,stylish sandles that are good support for my tired aching feet xx

  27. Sarahmary

    For someone who is forever moving around, i haven’t taken much thought of my feet. They help me get wherever i want to go, so id love for FRANKIE to help me look after my toots so they can always work as well as possible

  28. Maria

    Flat feet and a Morton’s neuroma in my left foot is not fun. I have to wear comfortable shoes that don’t pinch my toes and that have arch support. FRANKiE4 shoes provide all the support I need and look fabulous to boot!

  29. Candice Keeble

    I love my sneaker type Frankie’s and with Summer coming up a beautiful, stylish and practical pair of sandals would help my sore feet look fabulous. Please save my soles 🙂

  30. Emily Mclaughlan

    Frankie4 needs to save my sole this summer I’m going on a tropical getaway and wear nothing but sand shoes so a beautiful pair of sandals is needed over here 🙂

  31. Eva Kiraly

    It’s been a while since I’ve made a confession so I need to make one now, my sole needs help and only Frankie can show me how!

  32. Monica S.

    Save my sole…please Frankie! My fitbit reminds me i havnt done my 10,000 steps but until Frankie comfort ‘enters the building’ – i’m not leaving it!!!!

  33. Jennifer B.

    I’m size 12 or 13 so my shoe wardrobe is limited, and now their showing their age.
    Frankie4 solves that SO elegantly AND they won’t cause bunion outrage!!!

  34. KB

    Buckle shoes, bow shoes,
    Pretty pointy-toe shoes,
    Strappy, cappy low shoes;

    Bright shoes, white shoes,
    Dandy-dance-by-night shoes,
    Perhaps-a-little-tight shoes,
    Like some? So would I.


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