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Hi! We are Maraya and Lynsey, the ones behind Stuff Mums Like! So… what do we like? Well you’ll often find Lynsey swapping her vacuum cleaner for six inch heels, shopping on line (while drinking wine!) and taking selfies, while Maraya can be found hiding in the car pretending to ‘work’, watching endless teen dramas or eating chocolate! (or often all three of these at the same time!)

We have six kids between us and serious shopping habits so we know what mums like! We have an amazing team to help us out and together we cover off pretty much every interest..

Our Team

Elana Clark- Creative Design 


Elana is our creative eye- a trained primary school teacher who moved into real estate photography and graphic design- she keeps us looking beautiful, acts as our photographer, video editor and designer. She also takes care of our styling and design reviews! She’s a mum of two and has more hobbies than anyone we know!

Sara Bell- Real Mum Reviewer


Sara is a Northern Beaches based primary school teacher and a mother of one. She has a passion for travel and lived in London for several years. After her maternity leave she returned to teaching full time, while her husband stays home with baby! She is one of our real mum product testers- we work her hard!

Jessica King- Real Mum Reviewer


Jess is a mum of two boys and has recently relocated to rural South Australia, where she’s enjoying country life (and the fact that it takes so long to get anywhere that she can spend hours in the car on her own!). Jess road tests our baby products with the help of her 4-month-old!

Krystal Haddad- Blogger


Krystal is a mum of three who’s life resembles Lord of the Flies- just without the island. In between changing her hairstyle and managing her One Teaspoon addiction she loves to share her crazy life on the blog (usually while drinking wine!)

Bridget Harris- Blogger

Bridget harris

When she’s not blogging or running after her 4-year-old you can find Bridget crafting, with a glitter gun in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!

Please note Stuff Mums Like is an Australian based blog

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The Perfect Fit for Us

Stuff Mums Like readers are women between the ages of 25-50.

They are looking to spend their disposable income on the newest, most on trend baby products, kids toys and fun and affordable kids fashion.

They want to find quick, easy, stylish solutions for their wardrobe and beauty needs. They need to go from the boardroom to the playroom with minimum fuss.

They want to create meaningful memories with their families through travel and family experiences.

They love cooking and are interested in new food products and recipes- especially if its going to make dinner time that bit quicker and easier!

They want to style, reorganise and declutter their houses (but they don’t have a lot of free time!) so they are always on the look out for easy styling and organising ideas.

They do a lot of research before they purchase big ticket items- from prams to cars. They love reading Road Test reviews that help them make the decision.

They love anything that will help streamline their life. From new apps that help them shop and organise, to great life hacks, our mums like the new, the fun and the funky!

So if your client fits this description we would love to hear from you! Email us at

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