10 budget beauty finds in the supermarket

budget beauty finds

Let’s face it, being busy mums it can be a struggle to afford nice beauty products after we’ve drained the bank account on all our family weekly essentials. Yet, as mums we are constantly reminded that we need to look after ourselves in order to be the very best mums we can be.

With all the elements against us- sleep deprivation, stress, caffeine (by the litre) being time poor and ageing faster than we would like to admit, it can be hard to find the right beauty products that not only work, and work fast but are also budget friendly.

Luckily, our local supermarkets these days have a great ever growing range of beauty products to choose from that we can cleverly ‘hide’ in our trolleys and subtly blend them in to our weekly grocery shop (without being questioned).

Here are a few of my tried and tested favourite supermarket beauty products to have you feeling freshened up and fabulous in no time without breaking the bank.

1- Dove Hair Therapy rrp $7.58

Dove Hair Therapy- budget beauty finds

Dove has always been known for their beautiful moisturising elements. Their shampoos and conditioners are rich with moisture yet don’t weigh the hair down. You only need a small amount of each per use which means more washes and great value for money. These shampoos and conditioners leave your hair super soft and shiny.

2- Dove Summer Glow rrp $11.57

Dove Summer Glow budget beauty finds

This lightweight formula is both a moisturising cream as well as a faux tan. It gradually builds your tan with each application. Unlike many tanning moisturisers, this one smells great after applications and leaves a beautiful subtle sunkissed glow.

3- St Ives Scrubs rrp $11.00

St Ives Facial Scrub budget beauty finds

I love that these facial scrubs are made with 100% natural exfoliants such as Apricot, Corn Kernel Meal, Walnut removing dead skin cells (we as mums have a lot of them by the end of the day!) and leave your skin smooth and glowing but not tight and dry as some scrubs do after use.

4- SIMPLE Facial Cleansing Wipes rrp $8.25
Simple wipes budget beauty finds
Facial wipes have to be one of the best inventions yet! There are days where after bathing the kids, dinners, stories and resettling a million times.. By the time the end of the day comes sometimes you’re just too tired to properly cleanse. Luckily these face wipes cleanse and remove makeup and daily dirt from the skin with a few swift wipes- even waterproof mascara! SIMPLE have no strong smelling fragrances and are gentle even on the most sensitive skin making them ideal for all skin types. Winner!

5- Le Tan Fast Tan Instant Bronze rrp $17.93
Le Tan budget beauty finds
Trust me when I say, since I was 16 I have tried all the faux tans on the market! Le Tan is not only a favourite of mine because of its great price, but it is quick and easy to use and there is no ‘rubbing in’ involved (no Oompa Loompa coloured hands!) Simply spray in slow even stokes and let it dry for a few moments. The tan is instant so you can see where you have sprayed and there is no waiting time for your bronzing to develop! Available in 3 shades.

6- VEET Sensitive Hair Removal Cream rrp $9.63
Veet budget beauty finds
This is great for sensitive areas such as underarm, bikini and upper lip – it quickly removes unwanted hair (aka. Lady Mo) in minutes and as its a formula for sensitive skin it won’t leave a bumpy rash afterwards

7- Rosehip by Essano rrp $21.73
Rosehip Oil budget beauty finds
I was first introduced to rosehip oil when I was pregnant with my daughter- I have been hooked ever since. With benefits such as improving the appearance of fine lines, skin tone, scars, stretch marks and sun damage, rosehip oil has become a must have in my beauty cupboard. Rosehip by Essano is a certified organic product and has the added benifet of acai berry antioxidants. With so many benefits to the skin, it’s a must have!

8- Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Spray & Go Moisturiser rrp $11.00
Vaseline budget beauty finds
Moisturising is the key to maintaining soft subtle skin. But who has the time to stand around caressing your entire body with moisturiser when you have kids banging on the bathroom door? With this moisturiser it’s as simple as spraying in a matter of seconds! No fuss and no embarrassing white moisturiser streaks left on your legs running out the door #beenthere

9- Revitanail Nail Strengthener rrp $32.95
nail care budget beauty finds
I can not rave enough about this product! I have always had short unattractive nails until I discovered revitanail nail Strengthener. It is a clear based nail polish that begins with two coats initially, followed applying one coat for the next seven days. Remove and repeat. My nails have never looked better and are now worthy of actual coloured nail polish!

10- Rimmel BB Cream rrp $14.74
Rimmel budget beauty finds
Any product that reads ‘Super Makeup’ on the front is worth trying! This little tube of magic primes, moisturises, minimizes pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens, and is SPF25. It is between a foundation and a moisturiser and is great for every day wear. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and gives a light coverage- whack it on before school pick up to look a little more alive after folding and putting away your 900 piles of washing!

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