10 experiences you can gift kids this Christmas redballoon

10 experiences you can gift kids this Christmas

10 experiences you can gift kids this Christmas redballoon

I don’t know about your family, but ours is drowning in STUFF! This year especially, we have acquired so many more belongings. It was all those things we bought to keep the kids occupied during lockdown. But I much prefer experience gifts for kids at Christmas. I think it creates amazing family memories and can spark new hobbies and passions. Some of our favourite family activities are weekends away, boat trips, visiting wildlife parks and exploring new areas.

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If you’re looking for somewhere where you can search a range of experiences in one place, RedBalloon has you covered. You can search by state, area, price range, type of experience and who you want the experience to be for. There’s a huge range to choose from and you can boat, fish, climb, get up close to animals, take part in thrill seeking activities and so much more.

Here are my top 10 experiences you can gift kids this Christmas.

1 . Surfing lessons

If you live near the coast then learning to surf is a must! If you have a keen surfer on your hands, combine surfing lessons with a wetsuit and a board and you’ll have the kids entertained for the whole summer. All equipment is provided for the lessons and they can be for beginner surfers or kids that want to improve their skills.

2 . Tree Top Walk/Ziplining

10 experiences you can gift kids this Christmas redballoon

Have you ever done a tree top walk? It’s amazing! It’s a favourite in our house for birthday activities. There are a number of different places you can go, depending on where you live. Just search in your state. My favourite is TreeTop on the Central Coast of NSW. I think we have done three parties there now over the years.

3 . Dolphin or Whale watching cruise

10 experiences you can gift kids this Christmas redballoon

Last winter we went on a whale watching cruise with the whole family and the kids are still talking about it. It was amazing to get up close to the Southern Right Whale and Humpbacks and they breached while we watched. I’ve never seen anything like it!

4 . Fishing Charter

If you have a keen fishing lover then how about getting them a fishing charter trip to take them to the best fishing spots? Their guide will educate them about fishing and marine life and help them make their catch of the day.

5 . Ghost Tour

Know any kids with an interest in the spooky side of life? Most areas have a ghost tour of a local ‘haunted’ location. Some are cemeteries, others old buildings or tunnels.  Near where I live we have the old Quarantine Station at North Head in Manly. I’m too scared to go!

6 . White water rafting/Kayaking

This one is perfect for the daredevil in your life! Book a white water rafting or kayaking experience and have professionals teach the kids. They provide all the equipment so you get to just turn up and have a good time.

7 . Horse Riding

Horses are expensive to own but if you have a little horse lover then going on a leisure horse ride, or on horse riding lessons could be the perfect Christmas present. RedBalloon offers a variety of options, in different areas.

8 . Visit a wildlife park

10 experiences you can gift kids this Christmas redballoon

This is always a huge hit with my kids and we love visiting all the regional wildlife parks. Some of our favourites are Mogo Zoo, Featherdale, and of course, Taronga Zoo. We also really enjoy Wild Life Sydney Zoo at Darling Harbour. There are so many options listed on RedBalloon, and for an extra bonus, a lot of them offer ‘Keeper for the Day’ experiences, where you get up close and personal with the animals. My dream is to be a keeper for the day with the meerkats!

9 . Behind the Scenes at a sporting stadium

If you have a kid in your life that is mad about sports, then how about a guided tour of their favourite stadium. They get to see behind the scenes, the locker rooms, the training rooms, hear about the history of the stadiums and get all the insider knowledge. In Melbourne you can tour Flemington Racecourse and where they hold the Australian Open, and the MCG. In Perth, get behind the scenes of Optus stadium.

10 . Ninja Warrior courses

10 experiences you can gift kids this Christmas redballoon

Got kids that want to run, climb and jump? Book them into a Ninja obstacle course that will burn their energy, teach them new skills and have them jumping, climbing and balancing as they try to complete the course.

RedBalloon has an experience for every kid. All vouchers and gift cards purchased are valid for five years, can be exchanged for free and RedBalloon will price match if you find the same deal for less.

These  are my top 10 experiences you can gift kids this Christmas. To check out what RedBalloon has on offer visit www.redballoon.com.au























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