flattering work dresses

10 flattering work dresses to show off your curves

flattering work dresses

Love your curves with these 10 flattering work dresses. They are flattering, stylish and perfect for embracing your curves and showing them off with confidence!

Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dresses are one of the most flattering work dresses for women with big boobs, hips and a rounder stomach – if they are done right. You want to look for quality dresses that have plenty of fabric underneath so that you have proper coverage. I’m also a fan of the three-quarter sleeve to cover the tops of my arms. Here are some of my favourites. (I live in number 4 especially)

flattering work dresses - wrap dresses

  1. Belle Pink Geometric Wrap Dress – Birdsnest
  2. Belle Floral Wrap Dress – Birdsnest
  3. Sacha Drake Reverse Wrap Full Skirt Dress – Birdsnest
  4. Faux Jersey Wrap Dress – Birdsnest

Striped Dresses

Anyone who said women with curves couldn’t wear stripes is WRONG! Stripes are flattering, professional, and is this case, comfortable. These are the three striped dresses I live in for work. Their cut is flattering and you can choose above or below the knee depending on what you like. The first two in this post may look like they are the same but the length is what make them different. I wear both lengths.

flattering work dresses - striped dresses

  1. Bird Keepers Long Swing Dress – Birdsnest
  2. Bird Keepers Swing Dress – Birdsnest
  3. Belle Stripe Asymmetrical Dress – Birdsnest


Chic Black

Black always looks professional. To add some flair just add a chunky necklace or some bangles and some great shoes! For those of you that prefer just to wear black – here are some of my flattering favourites.

flattering work dresses - black dresses

  1. Bird By Design Batwing Sleeve Dress – Birdsnest
  2. Leina Broughton Isabella Dress – Birdsnest
  3. Bird Keepers Mid Length Tee Dress – Birdsnest

I hope these flattering work dresses help you find something that you feel fabulous and confident in! Let me know how you go.


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