Teacher gift ideas

10 Teacher gift ideas for $15 (ish) and under!

Teacher gift ideas

If you have a lot of kids then teacher gifts can really blow your Christmas budget. Preschool age kids often have several teachers, which can really add to the cost. To help you pull together some teacher gifts we have 10 super easy, no fuss teacher gifts ideas that you can pull together in minutes. No crafting or cooking involved! All of these gifts are in the $10-15 range (some are a few cents over $15) and you can choose how you want to wrap them!

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10 Teacher Gift Ideas for under $15(ish) 

For The Baking Lover

Teacher gift ideas

Got a teacher that loves to bake? This baking gift basket only costs $12.25, and everything can be found in your local Woolworths. (please note this cost doesn’t include my display basket).

All you need is:

Woolworths Lemon Madeira Cake Mix – $1.85

Loaf Tin – $4.50

Wooden Spoons – $4.80

Lemons – $1.10

Total cost = $12.25

There are a number of ways you can present it. In a basket like I have, wrap it, put it in a gift bag or even put all the ingredients in the loaf tin and just tie it with a ribbon. 

 For the Christmas Lover

Teacher gift ideas

If you have a teacher or carer that LOVES Christmas then this cute hamper is perfect for them. 

All you need is:

Christmas Tea towels – $5

Woolworths Santa’s Boot – $5

Christmas Mug – $3

Woolworths White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies – $2.50

Total cost = $15.50

To package the cookies I used the baking gift bags from Woolworths. They cost $3 and you get 10 bags and tags, but it’s all up to you how you package it. You could also use the tea towel as wrapping paper to wrap the rest, then tie it with a ribbon.

For the Coffee Lover

Teacher gift ideas

This teacher gift idea is for all the coffee lovers! There are loads of things you could mix and match for this but I went for this affordable option.

All you need is:

Woolworths Belgian Truffles – $5

Woolworths Coffee Pods – $3.70

Christmas Mug – $3

Total cost = $11.70

One way you could wrap it is to put the truffles in the mug and wrap in clear cellophane, then gift it tied together with a ribbon. Or use the Woolworths Food Gift Bags I mentioned earlier to put the truffles in to give them a home made look.

For the Fitness Lover

Teacher gift ideas

Maybe you have a teacher who isn’t into the sweet stuff? If you have someone that prefers the healthy options then this basket is for you!

All you need is:

Water Bottle – $10

Lemons – $1.50

Grapes – $1.50

Strawberries – $2

Total cost = $15

You could also fill the water bottle with fruit and tie a ribbon around it, or wrap in cellophane. Whatever takes your fancy!

The Lolly Lover

Teacher gift ideas

Got a teacher with a sweet tooth? This lolly hamper will satisfy even the biggest cravings!

All you need is:

Glass Jar – $4.50

3 x packs Woolworths Party Mix – $3

Woolworths Santa’s Boot – $5

Bailey & May – $3

Total cost $15.50

A hamper works well for this but you could also use a gift bag or wrap the lot in cellophane with a big bow.

For the Pub Lover

Teacher gift ideas

This gift would work well for the male teachers in your life! 

All you need is:

Pub Quiz Game – $10

Woolworths Salted Peanuts – $2.10

Christmas Stubby Holder – $3

Total amount = $15.10

A gift bag would work well for this gift, or you could just wrap it in paper quite easily if you don’t want to do a hamper.

For the Snack Lover

Teacher gift ideas

This is another great option for male teachers. There is so much in this hamper and it still comes in under $15.

All you need is:

Woolworths Supreme Cheese Corn Chips – $1.90

Woolworths Salted Mixed Nuts – $5.35

Woolworths Pretzel Chips – $2.60

Woolworths Beef Jerky – $3.30

Woolworths Mild Salsa – $1.50

Total amount = $14.65

You could put all this in a large gift bag or gift box. They would both work really well.

For the Stationery Lover

Teacher gift ideas

I don’t think there is a teacher around that doesn’t love stationery! The key for this one is to check out what stationery is on sale at the time. I picked up these five markers for $6!

All you need is:

Notebook – $6

Pens – $6

Bailey & May Cookie Gift Set – $3

Total amount = $15

These would all tie up really nicely with a ribbon. They could also wrap well in cellophane or even in gift paper.

For the Treat Lover

Teacher gift ideas

This one is perfect for the teacher that likes to indulge or entertain. This range of treats will appeal to everyone.

All you need is:

Christmas Butter Cookie Tin – $5

Woolworths Caramel Fudge – $5

Woolworths Belgian Truffles – $5

Total amount = $15

You could also package them in cellophane bags or in a nice gift bag or gift box.

For the Quiz Lover

Teacher gift ideas

There’s always a teacher that loves a good quiz. This pack will give them all new quiz questions and something to munch on while they study up!

All you need is:

Music Trivia – $10

Tin of butter cookies – $5

Hopefully these teacher gift ideas will help you come up with some inexpensive but thoughtful and creative gifts for all the teachers in your life. These gift ideas are also great for anyone you need to give a gift to over the holiday period, or to have on hand for emergency gifts.

Prices correct as at 22/9/19

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