10 things you can enjoy doing (or not doing) when your partner is away


I love my husband and there are lots of things I hate about him being away, Of course I miss him, but there are also some things that I secretly love! So when he goes away for business I have a few secret behaviours that I like to indulge in. Here are 10 things I love to do…

1. Dinner for one

This is the seriously the best! Of course you have to cook for your kids. But I confess, my meals when hubby is away are mostly effortless and I will do everything in my power not to have to cook for myself. I might have veggies, but they’ll come in the form of takeaway Chinese. I’ll live on heating up frozen leftovers, whack some soup in the microwave maybe. And cheese, crackers and wine is also an acceptable dinner for one.


2. Be a man

I admit, I’m a bit of a clean freak but when hubby is away there are times I take great pleasure in stepping out of my undies, leaving them on the floor and not picking them up until I remember (just like he does). Without an audience, I can burp, fart, and even leave the door open when doing a number 2. I can eat out of takeaway containers if I want to, clip my toe nails on the couch watching TV, and drink my milk straight from the carton. And… I may not shave my legs for a week either (he’ll never know!)

3. Trashy TV

Kardashians, Real Housewives, SATC. Recorded and watched in my time with no interruptions, eye rolling or changing over to the football.

4. Enjoy the quiet

I’m lucky that most nights my hubby gets home, our daughter is in bed. At the moment my days are spent answering a million questions from ‘why do dogs have tails?’ to ‘why do I have to wear clothes outside?’, Then when my husband gets home it’s a debrief about the day and more talking. It’s nice to not have to talk for a bit. The quiet is bliss

5. Ugly beauty routines

When he’s away I take advantage of doing all those ugly beauty routines without having to hide in the bathroom or do them when he leaves for work. Hair removal cream on my upper lip, face mask on, fake tan (without him whinging I stink!), pimple cream on for bed and spending an hour in the mirror plucking my stray grey hairs out with tweezers. I confess this entire week I intend to dry shampoo my hair, It’s too bloody cold to wash your hair in winter I’ve decided! If you can’t be bothered to shower – don’t! Baby wipes and deodorant will do just fine

6.Go to bed super early

Ok, so this might not always be possible with little ones who insist party time is 9pm but if you do get the chance to have an early night- GRAB IT! The other night, I decided work could wait and I hopped into bed at 7:30pm! I felt amazing the next day and my batteries were re charged for the next days flying solo until hubby gets home.

7. Forget the housework

Who cares! Your kids won’t know or moan about the unfolded washing or the fact you haven’t vacuumed. Sometimes I wait until I’ve gone through my entire knickers draw before going a load because neither me or my daughter have any clean ones left…  As long as it’s all done by the day he gets home then no one will ever know.


8. Starfish it in bed

If you live with a partner who snores you will understand the true bliss of having the bed all to yourself! Oh the quiet, oh the serenity! I love sleeping next to my husband, he’s great for snuggles, but I don’t miss the snoring one bit!

9. Catch up on phone calls, texts and Facebook

When he’s away, I facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and snapchat until my little heart is content! No whinging that my iPhone light shining in his face in bed, a no interruptions- just pure mindless social media bliss for hours on end

10. Plan a date night, with yourself

Chick flicks, bubble bath, candles lit, wine and a nice antipasto plate. We all need a bit of R&R sometimes. It’s a nice way to treat yourself for being a super mum!

Having said all this, it’s now day five and the novelty is slowly wearing off. I’m looking forward to having my snoring, remote hogging, typical man of a husband back on Friday.

But until then….

I’ll keep indulging in my secret bachelor behaviours just a little more!


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