10 Ways to Annoy Your Teens


Hands down my favourite stage of parenting so far is teenagers. They are fun, funny, smart and great to hang around. But they get annoyed really easily. Not only that, but you never know what is going to annoy them- it depends on the smallest of things- the day, the time, the colour of their socks, if it’s a bad hair day… it’s impossible to predict! One of my favourite pastimes now that I have two teenagers is coming up with new ways to annoy them. It’s like my reward for the sleepless nights and all that crap they put me through when they were young. If you’re like me and enjoy getting them all riled up then here are my (tried and tested) 10 ways to annoy your teens…

How to annoy your teens step 1- Sing and Dance (bonus points if it’s to a current song)

Sing loud and sing often. They hate it! Sing in the car, sing to the radio in the supermarket, sing wherever you can. Make sure you break into lame dance moves when you can as well. This will send them screaming away from you. It’s hilarious!

How to annoy your teens step 2- Snapchat them

My 15-year-old LIVES on Snapchat. Facebook is for mums she tells me. All I hear all day is the notification alert going off over and over. So I like to intrude on her life by sending her annoying and lame Snapchat messages, just to break through the bubble occasionally!

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How to annoy your teens step 3- Be affectionate (bonus points if it’s in public!)

Oh how they carry on if I try any sort of affection. It’s hilarious. My daughter gets especially riles up if I touch her nose for some reason. So I try and do it as much as I can lol! Trying to hug them in public gets a great reaction.

How to annoy your teens step 4- Talk to their friends

Ask their friends questions about school- that will provoke quite the reaction, but the BEST reaction from a teenage girl is if you bring up their current crushes. Asking their friends about boys will set them off in the best ways. It’s even better if you use some old school terminology like ‘pash’. It further cements your dagginess.

How to annoy your teens step 5- Play kid’s music loudly at school drop off

I also have a four-year-old and we both love it how worked up the teenagers get if we play her music at school drop off. The 15-year-old will turn it right down as we approach so as she opens the door and gets out I crank it right up! Laughs all round. (Let it Go gets the best reaction!)

How to annoy your teens step 6- Tell them you are going somewhere they will be

Still, my best prank to date was telling the teens that their sister and I were going swimming at the Aquatic Centre on the same day as their swimming carnival. They were beyond mortified! Can you imagine your mum in her swimmers in front of the whole school?!! Hilarious. I kept it going so they went to the swimming carnival still thinking we were going to turn up. I still laugh at the memory!

How to annoy your teens step 7- Gush about their favourite celebrity

My daughter is obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio- I love going on about how much I loved him when I was 15 because she hates it! Teenagers love to think they were first to know about everything!

How to annoy your teens step 8- Pick up and drop off in your PJs

I still remember how embarrassed my friend and I were when her mum picked us up late one night in her pyjamas and I swore I would never do that to my children. Now I think it’s hilarious!

How to annoy your teens step 9- Use their ‘Teen Speak’

Teens love their own little language- so make sure you learn it so you can drive them mad! Think Phil Dumphy style. The best reaction comes from using phrases that are slightly out of date. The lamer they sound the more annoyed they get!

How to annoy your teens step10- Exist

It’s pretty hard to avoid annoying your teen so just embrace it! Pretty much everything you say and do will get you an eye roll, a hair flick or a foot stomp. It’s the joy of having teens!

I cannot WAIT until they start dating- there are going to be so many new ways to drive them mad. I’m counting down. Until then can you tell me how you annoy your teens, please?!!!

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