Sharing with you my new Toffee Wallet…

ToffeeGorgeous and Functional are two requirements I have for a wallet. When the Toffee wallet arrived at my door I was in love!

My Toffee leather wallet arrived wrapped in a beautiful stylish box and was encased in a beautiful dust bag with a protector sleeve. If your feeling generous and want to buy a wallet for a loved one this would make the perfect gift! Or even better, treat yourself!

I knew I had hit the wallet jackpot when I took my new wallet out with me. Perfect for my crazy supermarket dashes with plenty of room to store your phone, keys and everything else you need for a big spend. The handy strap fits great around my wrist or on the trolley.

I also love using my wallet for kindy drops. I have 3 bags to carry in and out of Kindy along with all the “art work” and latest fads the kids have so this wallet is just perfect!

The big bonus- Featuring a front zip pocket for your phone and super quick access to it! I love how my iPhone 5 just slides in and out so easily. The front zip pocket fits up to iPhone 5 sized phones. The inside section fits all other phones (including iPhone 6 Plus).

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One of these Toffee Wallets can be yours to own! We, in a joint competition with Loved it Blogged it to give one away. To win all you need to do is tell us the Top 3 things you need to carry with you at all times!

34 thoughts on “Sharing with you my new Toffee Wallet…

  1. Fiona Stutz

    1. Wallet which holds my mediocre amounts of cash and iPhone
    2. My 14-month old daughter
    3. Tissues for constantly wiping my daughter’s runny nose!

  2. Skye Wright

    I just checked my handbag to see what I always have to carry with me…it is very random since having kids.
    1. a pair of kids swimmers
    2. car keys (because I spend most of my day driving kids to places…probably swimming)
    3. my wallet. The bank of Mum never closes.

  3. Gemma WB

    Baby wipes, eftpos card and a spare nappy.

    I have learnt from experience that everything else you need can usually be bought quickly (with the eftpos card) but no one likes a desperate mum doing the dash of shame with a dirty or smelly toddler. Especially me, as the mum! 🙂

    Would be lovely to have one of these gorgeous wallets!

  4. Katharine Molloy

    My wallet full of coffee cards, and reward cards.
    My phone full of photos.
    My handbag full of keys and kids stuff.

  5. Angela Vearing

    1. My glasses…. because without these there is not much that can get done (well not done well anyway).
    2. My wallet, with my phone and cards inside.
    3. Wet wipes, because these cover about 20 other items I would otherwise need in my handbag.

  6. Lena . I.

    1. My phone ( even though my husband says I never answer it !)
    2. My sunnies (I wouldn’t be able to see a thing otherwise!)
    3. Me EOS mint lip balm ( smells so good and doesn’t taste too bad either and perfect for luscious lips)

  7. Kirsten Breeden

    1.Child on hip.
    2. Car keys
    3. My easily accessible phone encased in my gorgeous new Toffee Wallet (a bit cheeky I know, but fingers crossed!)


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