5 benefits of a family dog

Getting a dog can be a big decision, and it must not be made lightly. While you should never get any sort of pet just for the children (because let’s face it, you’ll be doing most of the work!) a pet can add a whole new dynamic to the family and can be hugely beneficial, both in terms of your child’s emotional wellbeing and in helping them learn a sense of responsibility.

Bravecto, Australia’s leading long-lasting paralysis tick and flea treatment, recently surveyed Australian dog owners about the benefits of having a family dog, with the results showing that over 85% of children feel happy when they are with their dog, 67% feel loved and 64% feel safe when their dog is nearby.

While dogs provide companionship and love, they can teach your children a whole lot more. Bravecto’s survey showed that 73% of dog owners valued companionship the most, with emotional bonding benefiting 67% and 61% believed that having a dog has taught their children responsibility.

Here are 5 benefits of a family dog.

1- Teach your child responsibility

Having your child get involved with caring for their dog teaches responsibility from an early age. Involve them in age appropriate tasks like feeding their dog, helping bath and groom it, and even walking it when they are older.

2- A family dog helps teach your child empathy

Like everything else, empathy needs to be taught to a child. When they are young their world revolves around themselves so having a family pet can teach them to take care of something else. From learning to be gentle, to understanding when their pet is tired, unwell and unwilling to play, owning a dog can help your child develop their emotional intelligence.

3- Getting them active and outside

Having a dog is a great reason to get off the screen and outside. Walking and playing with their dogs (which are often an unlimited source of energy) gets kids up and moving.

4- Better communication skills

When young children interact with a pet they increase their communication skills. They can practice talking to their dog (and telling them what to do!), which helps with their cognitive skills.

5- Pets teach unconditional love

If you have a child that is struggling with loneliness, their mental health, school or anything else, a family dog can often be an emotional support- a friend who is always there and loves you unconditionally. They can also be used as therapy pets, with evidence to show that they reduce stress, lower blood pressure and speed up recovery time.

To celebrate the love that dogs bring into our lives we are giving away 5 Bravecto gift packs, containing a year’s supply of Bravecto. To win tell us how having a dog has benefited your family.






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15 thoughts on “5 benefits of a family dog

  1. Rebecca

    Our dog is totally part of our family 🙂 she’s a little side kick, especially to my son and they’ve formed a wonderful friendship. Definitely mans best friend

  2. Keran Holder

    Our dog Freckles has grown up with my son, they’re the same age. It’s been so great to see them grow up together and they have a bond that will never be broken. It also encourages my son to go outside more, and us to excercise more!

  3. Cathie Mills

    My little man totally adores his best buddy Cooper,he loves to help out feeding and bathing him. And the whole family definitely spends more time outdoors walking him. 🐾🐾

  4. Alexis

    Our dog has brought so much love into our house, it’s taught the kids responsibility and gives them unconditional love on those days that school is a little bit tough!

  5. Lisa Williams

    We’ve got a 7 month old staffy who gets me out of the house for more walks and loves our boys unconditionally. Hopefully soon I’ll get them onto some of the responsibilities of dog ownership too.

  6. Annie kent

    How crazy bouncy Handsome Paddington Bear is the love of my life
    He is funny,naughty oh so naughty,cheeky and ever so sweet,he is full of so much love for my girls and my 5yr old princess refers to him as her best friend
    She reads him stories, puts his blanket on him and tucks him into bed and he just ADORES THEM..
    He is our sparkly eyes
    He completes our family brings us so much happiness and LOVE

  7. Caroline Hawkins

    I have 5, yes that is not a typo, 5 rescue huskies. All different ages and backstories. So it is bedlam at home and I vacuum a lot. But there is nothing greater than coming home to wagging tails and happy howls. They teach you to always see the bright side of life, to show love and affection to each other no matter what type of day you’ve had. They are unfailing in being able to cheer me up on a bad day, entertain kids and adults alike and showing complete unfailing trust and adulation (who doesn’t need that evernow and then!) I believe every child and adult can learn from a pet dog and it builds bonds that last over a lifetime and beyond.

    Oh and that it’s important to get in bed first if you want a good spot.

  8. Tanaelle

    We just got Alfie 3 weeks ago and are loving him… even through all the wees and poos! My 2 yr old loves letting him crawl all over him… they’ll be life long friends!

  9. Melanie Cogan

    We have two Westies that show unconditional love and patience with our kids . The kids have learnt to check their water , pick up after them and patience . They have also learned how to include them in everyday life . Saying hello to them and giving them a pat when they get home from School . The kids also introduce them to people as “their brothers”. So much ❤️🐶🐶

  10. Jasmine

    Our dog is like our 4th child! He brings the family so much joy and happiness every day. I didnt know how much love you could have for an animal until we got our dog two years ago. He comes with us most outings if possible as well as getting spoilt by the kids nana haha won’t don’t remember what life was like before him. He gives us unconditional love.

  11. Amber

    Our dogs have benefited our family in so many ways! With my daughter he was amazing as like therapy dog who would always help her with her sensory issues and calm her during her anxiety attacks. Her self harming always stops when he is around. My my son he is wonderful for learning responsibility with helping feed and motivates him to take him for a walk. With my hubby he is a good feet warmer and companion for those long lonely nights paperwork and me he is everything. My buddy, my get your arse off the couch motivator, my late night companion for nights at the office and my furbaby. Our family is complete with our dog Zeus!

  12. Cath

    Dogs are so wonderful! Always offering unconditional love and a ‘friend’. Caring for a family dog helps teach children great life lessons about caring for others and taking responsibility. We love our furry friend!

  13. Jilly

    Our dogs have taught our kids about caring for someone other than themselves. To treat them with kindness, respect and love. When they were younger I’d tell them to tell the dog about their day and show him their paintings etc when they walked through the door from kindy

  14. elana

    our dog was our first baby. The kids both take responsibility to help look after her and also learn about loyalty and also an appreciation of being outside and enjoying nature. She also helps even out the male female ratio in our boy centric home 😉

  15. Chrissie Stobbs

    We sought out Brewsta as a companion dog when we found out our son had Muscular Dystrophy. I envision days where he will need a friend to cuddle and play with when life feels hard. I can’t even really put into words how amazing he his, a huge cuddly bear with the most gentle personality and loving soul. I talk to him ALL the time and realise he keeps me feeling safe at night and keeps me company during the day while I work from home. So in the end it was an idea for our son to connect and feel extra love but he’s important to all of us and part of our family!!


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