Christmas breakfast ideas

5 easy Christmas breakfast ideas

Christmas breakfast ideas

Christmas morning is magical, but it can also be a bit chaotic. Many families have people dropping in and out all morning, kids running around wanting to open presents, and just general chaos. To help you with Christmas morning, here are 5 easy Christmas breakfast ideas. The Grinch pancakes and the reindeer waffles are always popular here, while my husband insists on the BLAT every year and I prefer fruit salad. Our breakfast grazing platter is the perfect solution if you have a steady stream of visitors during the morning – they can help themselves!

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5 easy Christmas breakfast ideas

Reindeer waffles

Christmas breakfast ideas - reindeer waffles

It’s not Christmas without reindeer and this is a super cute and easy Christmas breakfast. It’s minimum effort but maximum excitement.

Waffle mixture

Woolworths Pancake Shaker

½ cup melted butter




Lolly eyes


Pour the ½ cup of melted butter into the pancake shaker and fill the rest of the way with warm water. Shake until all combined.

Pour into a waffle maker (I use the Breville No Mess Waffle Maker because I like the shape it gives). 

Use ¼ of the waffle on a plate, add pretzels for antlers, the cake decoration eyes (or you just just use Smarties or M&Ms) and then a Jaffa for Rudolph’s red nose! 

Grinch pancakes

Christmas breakfast ideas - Grinch pancakes

Who doesn’t love the Grinch? These are our family favourite Christmas pancakes and you can maximise your Grinch love with these Grinch pancakes for Christmas breakfast. 


Woolworths Pancake Shaker

Red heart sprinkles

80 g Woolworths cream cheese

½ cup icing sugar 

3 tablespoons milk

American Gel Mint Green food colouring

Red heart sprinkles


Add water and a few drops of mint green food colouring to your Woolworths Pancake Shaker Shake until combined.

Cook three pancakes per serving. Keep your pan on low heat so you don’t brown the pancakes too much. 


Beat together the cream cheese, icing sugar, and milk until smooth. 

To assemble

Place the first pancake on the plate. Using a large piping nozzle, cut a hole in the middle of the pancake. Drizzle some of the glaze over the pancake (avoiding the hole in the middle). 

Add the second pancake and cut a hole in the middle again. Fill the hole with the red heart sprinkles, drizzle more icing and add the top pancake. Spread some glaze over the top pancake and sprinkle with the read heart sprinkles!

Breakfast platter

Christmas breakfast ideas - breakfast platter

This is one of our easiest Christmas breakfast ideas. A breakfast grazing platter is the perfect thing for Christmas morning if you have a number of people dropping in across the morning. As visitors arrive they can help themselves and it won’t require much work from you at all.


Woolworths Mini Chocolate Croissants

Woolworths Mini Croissants

Woolworths Pre Sliced Iced Fruitcake

Woolworths Fruit Mince Pies

Woolworths Gold Fruit Mince Crumble Tarts






You’ll need a large tray or chopping board and this breakfast will be ready to go in 10 minutes. To create this breakfast grazing platter you need to place all the large items around the board. Once that is complete, fill in all the empty spaces with your fruit to give it a feeling of abundance.


Christmas breakfast ideas - BLAT

Everyone loves a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) and a BLAT is a great Christmas breakfast for a savoury option.


Woolworths Turkish Loaf






Toast your Turkish bread and fry your bacon, then spread avocado on your toasted bread. Layer the bacon, lettuce and tomato. You can add mayo too if that’s your thing.

 Fruit Salad

Christmas breakfast ideas - Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is my number one favourite Christmas breakfast. It’s light, refreshing and leaves plenty of room for all the food the rest of the day. Here are my favourite fruits to use, but you can use whatever you love!









It’s as simple as chop, mix and serve! If you are feeding younger kids make sure you cut your grapes longways, to prevent choking.

Have a magical Christmas! 


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