5 Last Minute Valentines Gifts (in case he forgot!)

Last Minute

Here at Stuff Mums Like we know that most mums end up shopping for their own Valentines gifts (if they even get one at all!) Lynsey buys what she wants and gives it to hubby to regift, while I don’t even bother really! If you have a hubby that’s not great with gifting heres 5 last minute Valentines gifts he can get you. So just forward this link to him 😉

1 Uberkate Square

This square pendant from Uberkate is one of my favourites! It’s so simple and stylish- everyone will want it!!! I have a bit of an Uberkate obsession to be honest lol! Click on the photo to BUY

2 Kimono Watch

This Kimono Winston Regal watch is the perfect gift! It’s stylish, pretty and totally in the colour of the season! Oh and the best thing about ordering anything from The Iconic? It can be delivered in 4 hours!  Click on the image to BUY

The iconic valentines gifts

3 Tony Bianco Uturn Tote

I love this tote! It’s big enough to hide all the crap we lug around with us all day and stylish enough to pretend we aren’t covered in food all day. Perfect for work too if you are lucky enough to escape the kids on occasion! Click on the image to buy

The iconic tote valentines gifts

4 Uberkate Inner Heart Necklace

I love this one! (I own it myself) I think it’s really pretty without being full on and over the top flashy with all the “I Love You”. It means the heart inside mine. Sweet message without the tacky! Click on the image to BUY

5. MARGiE Shoes by Frankie4

Ok so these most probably won’t make it to the door in time for Valentines Day but they are totally worth the wait. Since I discovered Frankie4 I totally wont wear any other shoe. They are like walking on clouds. These are my favourite of this season- love them to bits! Click on the image to BUY

Frankie4 valentines gifts

That’s it from me- hope these help! Got any other ideas? Share them below! xx

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