5 newborn essentials you have to have!

newborn essentialsAre you preparing for a newborn? If this is your first you’ll be discovering that there is SO much information on products for baby and you won’t know what you need and what you don’t. To help narrow down the list and drown out the noise we have listed our 5 newborn essentials for everyone.

You may notice we haven’t included the big ticket items like the car seat and pram because these are individual choices made on preference and lifestyle. But here are the newborn essentials every baby needs!

Baby Bjorn ONE

newborn essentials baby bjorn one

This is my favourite baby carrier on the market. It is ergonomic and holds baby’s hips in the correct position. It has been approved by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It can face forwards and backwards and it can also go on your back. What I love about it is that you don’t require any newborn inserts or additional attachments and it’s so easy to take on and off. It is designed from 0-3 so its worth every cent.


L’il Fraser Wraps

newborn essentials l'il Fraser

These are the only wraps you’ll ever need- seriously. Don’t both stocking up with all those cute wraps you see around. If you are wrapping your baby then Lil Fraser is the only choice, especially if you have a bigger baby. They measure 120 x 120cm so they are big enough to use as a mat when you are out. They also make a great pram blanket or feeding shawl. They are stretch cotton jersey and they are beautiful!


Medela Swing Breast Pump

Newborn essentials Medela Swing

Breastfeeding can often be harder than you expect. Sometimes the midwives may advise that you express to help your supply. Other mums end up with enough milk to feed three babies! You never know how feeding will go so it’s essential to have a great, easy to use breast pump and Medela provides the best. The swing is easy to use, small and portable. You can also get the Swing Maxi, which pumps both sides. You can also buy a hands-free kit too!


Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Newborn essentials baby bjorn bouncer

The Baby Bjorn bouncer is ergonomic and breathable. It can sit in a range of positions depending on the age of the baby and can even be turned into a rocking chair for your toddler. It is suitable for 0-2 and has been developed with the aid of pediatricians to make sure it’s the perfect fit for baby. An added bonus is that it folds completely flat as well.


Bebelicious Moses Basket

Newborn essentials moses basket

These Moses baskets by Bebelicious are gorgeous and practical. They are 100% chemical free and hand woven and the bedding comes in either a breathe-easy foam mattress with a cotton cover or a tea-tree mattress if you prefer. These baskets will evoke a sense of nostalgia but they are also so practical, giving you the ability to move baby from room to room with you. You can also purchase a stand separately.


Hopefully, this list gets you started. Put these items on your baby shower list because you will not be disappointed!

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