5 Shows to Binge on During the Olympics


All the Olympics means to me is two weeks with no decent TV shows on free to air TV! If like me, you couldn’t give a toss about sport, and you are relying on streaming services to save you from the endless velodrome cycling here’s five shows I’m loving right now.

1 Stranger Things – Netflix

Stranger Things Olympics

I can not even begin to tell you how much you HAVE to watch this show. I haven’t seen anything I loved this much for years. It’s a loving homage to all those amazing 80’s films like The Goonies, ET, Stand By Me, Fire Starter and so, so many more. It’s the story of three boys who find a lost girl called Eleven, and all the strange things that are happening in their town. I don’t want to give away anything but it’s set in the 80’s and stars Winona Rider.  Watch it now!!!

*Spoilers* Only once you have watched it- here’s a great clip on all the films it references.

2 Containment – Stan

containment Olympics

If you’re a fan of movies like 28 Days later, Contagion or any other ‘killer virus’ show then this one is for you. When an epidemic breaks out in Atlanta half the city is cordoned off, leaving the sick and dying on one side of the fence and their loved ones on the other side. It has its predictable moments but it’s exciting and I love these sorts of shows. Plus Chris Wood, who plays Jake, a cop stuck in the virus infested side of the city, is super hot and I love him!

3 iZombie – Stan

iZombie Olympics

iZombie is created by Rob Thomas, who also created Veronica Mars. I’m obsessed with Veronica Mars so I was excited when this started. It’s two seasons in now and it’s great. It follows the story of Liv, a medical student who becomes a Zombie after drinking a contaminated energy drink. As a zombie, she discovers that when she eats brains she experiences the memories of the brain’s owner. So she takes a job as the assistant medical examiner in the morgue and helps solve crimes by eating the victim’s brains. It’s very funny and you’ll totally fall in love with Ravi, the medical examiner.

4 Suits- Netflix

suits Olympics

If you haven’t watched Suits yet then it’s time to start- the bonus being you have five whole seasons waiting for you on Netflix. Suits is the story of Mike Ross, a genius who lands himself a job as a lawyer- even though he’s a fake. You’ll love (and loathe) Lewis, want to marry Harvey and want Donna as your best friend.

5 The 100- Netflix

the 100 Olympics

Set in a Dystopian future the earth has been destroyed by nuclear weapons and the only surviving humans live in The Ark, a space station above Earth. But with too many people, and oxygen and supplies running low, they send 100 teenage prisoners to Earth to see how (and if) they will survive, in the hope they can return to Earth. But on the ground they discover that there are still people on Earth, and they aren’t friendly. If you love a teen drama and books like The Hunger Games or Divergent then this show is for you. I LOVE it.

Hopefully, these five shows will tide you over until the Olympics are done and we can all return to our regularly scheduled programming. (I for one need to see what is going to happen to Morgan on Criminal Minds!)


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