5 Steps to Organised and Fuss Free Meal Times


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With three-year-old twin girls and Mr four, meal time can be a cross between Survivor and the Hunger Games in this house.

Normally it’s me trying to survive catering to the hungry little people who want dinner NOW!!

We also have been hearing a few new terms from the twins such as, “I can’t like that and it’s not good”. Of course one starts they all follow the leader.

I’ve found out the hard way that I have to be super prepared in this house. There’s no such thing as leaving meal times to the last minute.

My top 5 meal tips to win at being organised are:

1. I sit down fortnightly and meal plan. I make a list of what we need to replace after going through the cupboards and fridge and freezer.

2. I have a chest freezer in the garage which is great for preparing extra meals and shopping in bulk.

3. I buy strawberries and more expensive fruits when on special and chop them up into snap lock bags and freeze them.

4. I break down meat and frozen foods into portion or family meal portions and freeze them so I don’t have wastage and they are also quick to deforest.

5. I buy food that I know the kids will eat. I’ve learnt the hard way! I don’t leave it until 5pm on a Tuesday afternoon to test out a new food on Mr 4.


My little wins at meal times to ensure meal time is easy:

1. We talk about what’s being cooked and get them excited. Often they like to stand up with me and peek into the oven. A countdown can be fun. Noisy, but fun.

2. To get them to eat their veggies we often prepare them together and watch them cook. Taking part makes it more fun.

3. We have a cute kids table set that they have every meal at together. If it’s a nice day we move it outside.

4. Everyone puts their own plate and cup in the kitchen when finished to “help” clear up.

5. Only add one new food at a time- don’t overwhelm them.


I’m not Wonder Woman and I can’t do it all so I love brands like Sealord frozen range who source all their fish from New Zealand waters.  Sealord’s range of real frozen fish fillets are sustainable, wild caught and not farmed. They all come packed full of goodness and there also a great variety to suit everyone’s taste like yummy Hoki fillets and bites, Dory Fillets and even gluten free crumbed Hoki.

The biggest win for me is taking the hard work out of meal times and Sealord’s frozen fish range has been getting wolfed down. The family favourite right now is the Hoki Classic crumb cooking quickly in the oven in under 15 minutes we have happy faces and full bellies before bed time. Knowing that they are enjoying real fish fillets and full of goodness is a massive WIN for us all!

Sealord has a delicious selection of quality frozen products available at the local supermarket. www.sealord.com/au/products/frozen-retail

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Do you have any meal time tips that help you win or even survive at parenting?


Check out my little tribe stuffing their face with the Sealords Hoki crumbed fillets! WIN!



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