5 tips for having a magical Disney On Ice experience

5 tips for Disney On IceToday we were lucky enough to be given tickets to the opening performance of Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream, at the Allphones Arena in Sydney. It was Tully’s first time at Disney on Ice (and my first time as a parent) and it was magical, crazy, colourful and hectic all at once. I’ve never seen so many Disney Princesses in one place (and I’ve been to Disneyland!) So, as I know a huge number of you will be heading there these holidays I wanted to give you the lowdown and share my 5 tips for having a magical time!

1. Princess Gowns are Essential

Now I know many parents shudder at the thought of letting their little ones out of the house in full fancy dress, but this is the one place your princess will be celebrated, in all her hot pink glory! No one is judging you here so let your little girl put on her biggest, fluffiest, brightest princess dress and enjoy the sight of thousands of miniature princesses streaming through the gates. You’re out of place if you’re NOT in a princess dress- so as Elsa says “Let it Go!”

Disney on Ice

2. Get There Early

It’s a big carpark, and an even bigger venue, so give yourself at least 45 minutes (and preferably an hour) to get in, get through the merchandise and food stalls and get to your seat. When they announce that the show is about to start they aren’t kidding. We missed the very beginning because we weren’t in time. Know which door you are going to and head that way. There are more food and merchandise stalls as you go around so you don’t need to stop at the ones at the front. The parking was fine, there was plenty of space (and we didn’t pre-book).

3. Bring Snacks

I’m not sure about all the arenas but I can tell you that the Allphones Arena in Sydney has a very limited variety of food, especially stuff that’s appropriate for little kids. I’m not sure about you but I’m not keen on my 3 year old getting her hands on a bag of Fantails or Minties. There are no Malteasers, M&Ms or anything little. The Disney stalls have popcorn and snowcones and I saw some fairy floss and ice creams but that was it. So stock up.


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4. Prepare for the Merchandising

Now you know these things come with merchandising and you either love it or loath it (I’m firmly in the love category). Yes, it’s not cheap and you won’t really find anything under $15 but prepare yourself (and your kids) in advance if you are going to buy something or not. If you’re not then please don’t be the parent that lets their kid get all the way up the front of the line and then decide you’re not paying for plastic and they can’t have any thing. It’s traumatic for everyone involved. If you’re short on money why not grab some glow sticks from Kmart and take them with you?

Disney on Ice 2

5. Take a Warm Jacket

The stage is made of ice and if we don’t want them to fall into a wet puddle then it has to be cold in there. The longer you are in there the colder you get, so take a warm jacket for you and your princesses.

So there you have it, if you follow these tips the whole family will have an AMAZING time. It really was so much fun and it took me back to all the amazing times I had at Disney On Ice when I was a child.

Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream will be the ultimate princess experience. Bringing two of Disney’s modern day princess stories Tangled and, The Princess and the Frog and the two most beloved fairytales Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella, this skating spectacle is a classic meets contemporary celebration of 75 years of Disney Princess stories. Produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream commences it’s national tour on June 5th and will be at Allphones Arena in Sydney from July 8th.

To find out more or to check dates in your local city visit www.disneyonice.com.au. Tickets are available through Ticketek at www.ticketek.com.au/DisneyOnIce.


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