5 TV shows to binge watch before they return

5 TV shows to binge watch

With the return of February we can all celebrate the return of our favourite TV shows! I’m a total TV tragic and I’ve been watching the early seasons of my favourite TV shows while I wait desperately for them to return. So if you are a bit behind the bandwagon here’s 5 shows to binge watch before they start again.

1- Nashvillle


If you have dismissed this because you aren’t a country music fan then you are missing out!!! It’s just the best! It’s the story of Rayna James (Connie Britton), the queen of country music, and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) the hot new pop country singer who is desperate to be more than just a flash in the pan. But it’s so much more than that!! You’ll love all the characters (even the ones you hate) and the soundtrack with have you loving country music before you know it. (I know- I was sceptical too but it’s true!)

2- Scandal


I’m OBSESSED with this show. I’m late to the bandwagon myself, I just binge watched the first 4.5 seasons this summer and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s about Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), former White House Communications Manager who has started her own crisis management firm in Washington. She’s the ‘Fixer’ that all the rich and powerful call when they need to cover up their dirty secrets. There is murder, abduction, political scandals and super spies. Go- watch it NOW!

3- Suits


This one has been around for a while but it’s still going strong and I still love it. What’s not to love about the super suave Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) and his protege Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) take down all the baddies in the corporate world? The characters are all fantastic, especially Louis (Rick Hoffman), who you will hate, love and then hate again, all in the same episode.

4- The Walking Dead


If you haven’t watched this yet- then where have you BEEN? Seriously! I don’t even know what to say to convince you to watch it. It’s a zombie apocalypse and the show follows a group of survivors as they try and stay alive, but they are in just as much danger from other people as the zombies. Go- watch it!

5- Pretty Little Liars


I’m such a teen drama tragic. Gossip Girl, Dawson’s Creek, The OC- if its about teens I’m there. Pretty Little Liars has been running for 6.5 seasons now (and has just returned to Foxtel) and follows four friends who’s friend Alison has been murdered, and now they are being stalked by someone known only as ‘A’. It borders on the ridiculous a lot of the time and is full of red herrings, just as you think you know who ‘A’ is everything changes. As silly as it can be it is totally addictive and you will become obsessed with finding out who the stalker really is.

Share with me what you are watching- I need more shows!!!

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