Cheat with meat this Christmas

5 ways to cheat with meat this Christmas

Cheat with meat this Christmas

Christmas lunch is coming and often meat is the centre of the meal. But what if glazing a ham or roasting a turkey isn’t really your thing? Or what if you don’t even eat meat? Well, we have got you covered! Here are 5 ways you can cheat with meat this Christmas!

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5 ways to cheat with meat this Christmas


1 Buy your ham already cooked

Cheat with meat this ChristmasIf you have no clue how to cook a ham, don’t stress! Did you know you can buy a ham that is already cooked and ready to eat? The Woolworths Gold Triple Smoked Boneless Leg Ham is ready to go. Just take the wrapping off, put it on a serving plate and decorate it with some greenery around the base. The in-laws will think you’ve triple smoked it in your own smoking shed out the back, and we will never tell!



2 For the Crackling fans

Cheat with meat this ChristmasWant a ham that’s more like a pork roast with that delicious crackling? The Woolworths Crackle Shoulder Ham is what you are looking for. You literally don’t need to do a thing but pop it in the oven then serve it up all golden, hot and ready to eat! Then the family in fighting can begin over who is getting the most crackling – you obviously – you just slaved over a hot stove for HOURS! 😉 



3 Cheat with the glaze

Cheat with meat this ChristmasSo you want to cook your ham and serve it up with a glazed look but you have no idea where to start? Well I’ve got you covered! The Woolworths Gold Ham Roast Kit is the premium, fanciest way to serve your ham – with minimal effort. It’s ready to put in the oven as soon as it comes out of the box. It’s been smoked with Yarra Valley Mountain Ash, chef-crafted cranberry and orange glaze with a touch of French champagne, sweet cloves and edible gold dust. Yes, GOLD DUST! You can have a gold ham on your Christmas table and just smile like you regularly make food covered with gold!


4 Skip the four hour turkey cooking marathon

Cheat with meat this ChristmasWant turkey but don’t want to spend four hours with the oven running, heating the house to unbearable temperatures while trying to get your pavlova to stay fluffy? Well we are here to save the day and show you how to cheat with meat! The Woolworths Turkey Buffet On Bone Oven Roasted is exactly what you need. It’s already cooked and ready to be the centrepiece of your table! You can heat it up or just eat it cold and no one will know! Just set it up on a platter, surround it with roast veggies and some sprigs of green and it will look like you spent the day in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove!

5 Cheat ON meat

Cheat with meat this ChristmasDon’t even eat meat? Well, the Woolworths Plant Based Loaf will have everyone fooled. Serve it at your house Christmas or take it along to eat so Grandma can stop complaining that if you don’t eat meat then it’s not a real meal. The loaf is pea protein based with a cranberry and orange glaze. 

Hopefully these meat cheats help get you out of the kitchen and enjoying Christmas the way it was supposed to be – with a glass of wine and a pile of overtired, overstimulated kids running around!

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