5 ways to keep healthy this winter


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I don’t know about you, but spending almost a year mainly at home has really lowered my immune system this winter. We seem to be getting sick with everything that comes past. I had two colds in three weeks. So this winter I’m really concentrating on building my immunity back up with these 5 ways.

5 ways to keep healthy this winter

1 Prime my immune system with Wellmune(R)

This winter I’m using Wellmune to help support my immunity, as well as my family’s. Wellmune is a yeast beta glucan with immune health benefits and is backed by science. Wellmune, unlike other yeast beta glucans works by supporting the action of innate immune cells and has been shown to reduce the incidence of URTI and colds.  Even though it’s derived from baker’s yeast it’s gluten-free. You can get it in a variety of foods, beverages, and supplements depending on how you prefer to consume it. I’m using Bickford’s Immunity Support juice because Tully thinks she’s getting juice and doesn’t know it’s helping her! I bought it at Woolworths and it’s available in Coles too.

2 Plenty of sleep

I know I’m not the only mum who stays up way too late because we love the peace and quiet we get late at night. But, having had post viral fatigue as a teenager, I know I need loads of sleep or I get sick straight away. So I’m doing my best to go to bed by 10pm, even when I’m tempted to watch ‘just one more episode…’

3 Eat better

winter germs

Don’t we all say that? As soon as the cold weather hits I *must* have a hot chocolate every morning at work. And I definitely eat way more ‘comfort foods’ (and chocolate). So, while I know I’m probably not going to stop doing all this I’m going to increase my intake of immunity boosting foods such as mandarins/oranges, leafy greens like baby spinach, garlic and ginger, chicken soup and healthy seeds and nuts. Combining these with Wellmune should really help my immune system get back on track!

4 Get my vaccines

I’m definitely getting my flu shot this year. I don’t get it every year but with my immunity low I feel like this is the year I’ll definitely catch any flu going around. If you’re not up to date with your booster shot for whooping cough then definitely get it. Remember each booster only lasts 10 years. I have one more year on mine. I’m also on the wait list for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

5 Keep washing those hands!

winter germs

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that washing our hands really is one of the best ways to keep germs away. You only need soap and water, nothing fancy.

Guys, I know exercise should have been on that list but I’m realistic – It’s not going to happen lol! It’s too cold!!! I’ve never been one to be uncomfortable so I’ll opt for the extra hour of sleep and my Wellmune to keep the winter bugs away! 😉

If you want to try Wellmune and find the right product for you, visit www.wellmune.com 




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