recover faster from a C Section

5 Ways to recover faster from a C Section

recover faster from a C Section

Just over 30% of babies are born via C-section in Australia. Whether they be elective or emergency, a C-section requires recovery time, like any surgery. However, we all know how hard it is to get any downtime after having a new baby. So, to make sure you have the best chance of recovery, we have put together five things you can do to heal faster.

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Here are 5 ways to recover faster from a C-section


1. Get plenty of rest

recover faster from a C Section

 We know that having a new baby is exhausting, but it is important that you try not to do it all and let the people around you help. Limit the number of guests in the first few weeks if you feel like they will need entertaining and enlist family members to help with any other kids so you can focus on yourself and the new baby. Rushing your recovery can lead to further damage and delayed recovery.

Sleep is included in this. You’ve heard ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’? Well you really must. Don’t feel guilty and try and get other things done. Your body needs rest to recover, so put yourself first.


2. Invest in Belly Bands

Belly Bands

The Belly Bands Heal Better range is specially designed to promote fast, painless recovery from abdominal surgery.

It features the Belly Band – one band that works as a pregnancy support belt, a C-Section surgical binder, and a Postpartum wrap. You can order the Belly Band separately or as part of the Heal Better Kit during your pregnancy, and start using it even before the baby arrives if you are feeling the strain of pregnancy. Many obstetricians insist on the Belly Band as part of recovery for their elective patients.

The Heal Better Kit and Mobile App were developed by the Belly Bands team in conjunction with Australian medical specialists to help patients transition from hospital-to-home painlessly after surgery.

The Heal Better app is a free post-surgery recovery guide with information and video tutorials to assist in the recovery journey including exercises, diet, preparing your home, wound care, scar therapy and more.

The Pregnancy & C-Section Heal Better Deluxe Kit includes ten essential healing items that help reduce infection, ease pain, treat post-op bloating, and scar healing, lessening the risk of post-operative complications such as herniation and adhesions. These include Belly Bands, gel cooling packs, a silicone scar dressing, disposable underwear, a massage brush and more.


3. Don’t be tempted to do too much, too soon

It’s important that you don’t rush your recovery. Don’t lift anything heavier than your baby (especially your other kids!), don’t be going up and down your stairs or standing on your feet cooking dinner, even if you are starting to feel a bit better. Too much too soon also applies to post-partum sex. It’s important to clear everything with your doctor before exerting yourself in any way.


4. Gentle exercise

recover faster from a C Section

While you need to make sure you aren’t overdoing things, gentle exercise is important to aid your recovery. Go for slow walks around the house or down the road, it will help heal your body. Start with just five-minute walks and then build up. Pushing baby in a pram will give you a good support to lean on as well.


5. Good nutrition

It’s so easy to forget about eating well when you are juggling the needs of a new baby. There is barely time to go to the bathroom, let along make a decent meal full of all the nutrition you need. But to recover well from your C-section, it’s essential that you eat a lot of fresh food and vegetables for fibre, and drink a lot of water. This helps reduce constipation as well. The early days of having a baby involves the mum doing most of the caring, so to help, have your partner take care of you, while you care for the baby.  Have them prepare nutritious meals (and they may have to feed you while you are using both hands to feed the baby!).

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