chores for kids

5 ways your children will benefit by having chores

chores for children

Growing up I remember that chores were not my favorite thing to do. My boys are still a little young to do be expected to do too many chores but now that my eldest has started school I am trying to get him in the habit of at least making his bed in the morning! I also try and get him and his brother into the habit of doing small tasks such as bringing their dinner plate out to the kitchen once they are finished, putting dirty clothes in the wash basket instead of the floor and being responsible for carrying their own school/ daycare bags. I do believe chores are an important part of growing up and here are 5 reasons why…

Chores for children make them more responsible

This is one of the most valuable benefits of doing chores.  Giving them ownership of chores allows them to learn about responsibility.  These are important lessons that will benefit them greatly through adulthood.  By knowing that they have tasks to accomplish before they do anything else helps instill good work ethic and the importance of accomplishing their tasks.

Chores for children gives them self-confidence

When kids feel like you are counting on them to complete their chores and you praise them, their self-confidence builds.  They feel a sense of belonging to the family team and feel that their contributions are worthy.

Chores for children stop them feeling entitled

An entitled child is simply the worst.  A child who feels that certain things should be given to them freely will have a hard time being successful.  Chores help teach children that if they want something, they need to work for it.  It also teaches them the importance of teamwork.  They also get a sense of appreciation for their parents when they realize all the work that we do for them.

Chores for children teach them life skills

Doing chores is not only very helpful to the household but you are preparing them for when they are older.  When they are off on their own they will know how to do their own laundry, cook their own food and keep their own home clean.  These are truly life skills that they will use for their rest of their life.  They will be able to take care of themselves.

Chores for children helps take the load off you

Just because we are the parents does not mean that we need to do everything for our children.  Having your children help out around the house not only helps reduce the workload on your plate, but you become less stressful and more appreciative of your family.  It won’t feel like you are out all on your own making your household function smoothly.  There is no greater feeling than knowing you can count on your children.  Having them learn to do chores and what it means to have responsibility is getting them one step closer to their independence.

You can start at any age for chores.  For younger children, start with simple tasks such as picking up their toys at the end of the day.  The older they get the more that they can take on.  You will be surprised what they can pick up on and how fast they learn.  Remember to be patient and tasks do not need to be done perfectly.  Build their confidence up by always telling them how much you appreciate them.

Age Appropriate Chores

Age 2-3 years

Personal chores

  • Help to make their beds
  • Help clean up spills and dirt
  • Pick up toys
  • put their dirty clothes in the washing basket
  • Help fill up their pet’s water and food bowls

Age 4-5

  • Get dressed almost on their own
  • Make their bed with a little help
  • carry their belongings into the house
  • Pick up their own toys
  • Help set and clear the table
  • Start helping in the kitchen
  • Sort laundry
  • help fold laundry
  • Clean up their room

Age 6-7

  • Make their bed every day
  • Start taking care of their personal grooming (with some supervision)
  • Dress themselves
  • Look after a pet
  • Vacuum, sweep, and dust
  • Put their clothes away
  • Help pack and unpack the dishwasher
  • Help prepare food with mum and dad
  • Clean up their own room

Age 8-11

Everything above as well as:

  • Take care of their own personal hygiene
  • Keep their own bedroom clean and tidy
  • Be responsible for their own belongings
  • Be responsible for managing their own homework and deadlines

To manage your children’s chores it’s best not to overload them or you’ll spend your whole time nagging them. Pick 3-4 jobs for them a week. Rewards charts are also a great way to help manage kids’ chores.


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