Do Bloggers Overshare?

Do Bloggers

I often get paid to write. Not as often as I would like but often enough to pay for Moscato that costs more than four bucks and covers the odd trip to Westfield to purchase shoes I can’t walk in and clothes I have no where to wear.

I use social media like a hooker uses a sidewalk in pretty woman #workitworkitbaby. And I can fully admit I’ve made those kids drop the hip and pose on more than one occasion. My sister jokes that because my surname ends with an “i a n” I think I’m a long lost sister of Kim’s. Obviously I have a family tree I bought of eBay that proves I am. #theinternetdoesnotlie

I was at the post office yesterday with my girls and the man behind the counter asked me ‘oh are they twins?’. I replied with an eye roll and he laughed. He said ‘sorry I just read a blog thing on the internet and it was a mum writing about what not to say to a mum of twins.’

I was standing there and was thinking ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooo someone reads my crap. Obviously I didn’t say that, I just blinked x1000000000 like I do when I’m nervous. He then started to list off a few crackers. ‘Oh apparently I shouldn’t ask are they natural’ or ‘how do you afford it’. I swear he was smirking.. More eyeblinking on my side while I prayed he also didn’t read the post I talked about my VAGINA….. that one may be next…. WHO KNOWS! I sprinted out of the Post office sweating like I had just pushed my first born out. I may of had to return to grab the twins in the double pram. #thatsanotherstory

When I got home that evening and cracked open a wine it really got me thinking. Should I have admitted I wrote that article? Would he have thought I was that rude writer talking about people asking me genuine questions? I know this is nothing deep and meaningful but just in general I have truly really never thought anyone actually reads the dribble I write. Obviously I am now considered a totally successful writer as approx three Australia Post employees have read this blog.


I have had all these crazy questions running through my head… As a parent am I judged by what I write about? Do I just come across as a mental mum? What if my son’s Kindy teacher accidentally read the time I said he was sick but secretly I was in Melbourne at a boring blog thing and paid a babysitter to look after him so I didn’t have to parent? I only went to eat lunch with adults but I still lied. Then blogged it.

What if my Mother-in-law has worked out the Internet? #iwillneedwittnessprotection Maybe my husband will discover INSTAGRAM and realise the house is actually a tip because I flat lay products for photos all day. He might even read that Botox post… Maybe my “friends” talk about my posts when they don’t agree with my opinion. Maybe they even poke a little fun at my flogging writing for even a mop bucket to get cash. #newshoes

Honestly all those things I can handle (witness protection could be interesting), but it has got me thinking about the kids starting a new pre school (I know you are reading this Miss Janelle). I purposely don’t use my work email so staff don’t check me out before they meet me. When I talk about “work” I know it’s a Google trip for a few of them after. #cringe

I sometimes feel uncomfortable when I read some other blogs and how they use a million swear words to refer to their family or talk about their sex life all.the.time…. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it gives me a belly laugh but I never feel truly comfortable. I feel it’s a bit like spying on your neighbours through the blinds in the old days but now we can just screenshot and google it later.

I often wonder what if I wrote like that? Should I meat things up a bit? The click bait to this little blog would be oh so so glorious. I might even get rich enough to buy MAC makeup from the traffic! However I just can’t stop thinking what if my kids read it one day? What if one day their teachers read it. What if one of our clients in our family business read it and hate it. Personally I don’t want my mother in law reading on the Internet if my 5 year old can spell swear words. I’m struggling enough to appear as a responsible adult!

Is there a fine line of class and trash? Do we just write anything we want and not care? Is that really OK?

I honestly believe in freedom of speech but I think it’s time I think about my family and how this World Wide Web follows us. I’ve removed a small amount of personal content from this blog as I feel I may have overshared. I’m still going to choose flat lays over cleaning and Instagram my dinner but I’m making a promise to myself to be mindful in what I spill or share.


I think I’m on to something as I looked at our Blog stats and our most popular post was about helping out another mum 

Tell me do you think bloggers overshare? Do you have friends like me who write and you read it and think OMG? Do you even care?

Now please excuse me I have a very socially acceptable coffee machine post to write about……

2 thoughts on “Do Bloggers Overshare?

  1. Alex

    Yeah, for sure some do. But everyone’s definition of ‘oversharing’ is going to be different. I guess as long as it’s on topic and something you don’t mind your grandma reading then it’s all good. Also, for some bloggers that’s their voice. But you do have to be careful about other members of your family – especially the younger ones who can’t really give informed consent about their images etc being used.

    1. mmMaraya

      Definitely agree- for me my teens have told me that they don’t want to be written about so I respect that. So far though Tully loves doing the photo shoots and she has fun- so do Lynsey’s girls. But if they decide they don’t want to do it any more we will definitely look at changing things.


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