6 tips for taking great photos of your kids


We all love taking photos of our kids. They are growing fast and we want to capture every moment. With this in mind we have 6 tips for taking great photos of your kids.

Stay sharp

Ask any photographer or even parents for that matter, how important it is to constantly stay vigilant while handling kids. With kids, anything can happen anytime so expect nothing and stay ready to take photos of them.

With kids, you have limited control around their behaviour. So, stay well prepared with all technical aspects and be ready to shoot when the perfect shot comes up.

Don’t create

Don’t try and stage your shoot too much. The best photos reflect the child’s personality and are natural. The only way to create magic in the photos is by not trying to create magic- but by waiting for the magic to happen. You have to let the kids be themselves. If possible, try and photograph them when they don’t notice you’re there- the candid photos can be the best.


Try getting their attention

To get the perfect close up shot try and grab their attention for few seconds- that’s all you need to get a nice shot. In close-up shots, you can capture expression. That moment when they look up at you, or a family member or pet- that’s the shot you want.

Take photos from their height

Many of us miss out on taking memorable photos of our kids simply because of wrong angles. to get the best shots get down to the height of your children while taking their photos. You can choose to be down on your tummy, hands or knees, whichever is comfortable.Taking shots from their height captures their perspective.

Use of Lighting

Lighting is probably the most important factor of any type of photography. In the case of kids photography, it is best to shoot them in the sunlight. The best lighting will always be natural light. But try to avoid photographing them in direct sun as it plays havoc with the light meter in your camera, and can cause shadows. You can break this rule occasionally and quite effectively, but you need a bit of training on your camera settings.

Direct flash is also not right as it can create large shadows behind the subject, especially when photographing them inside. The only time direct flash should be used when you are shooting in the direct sunlight and want to decrease the shadows on the child’s face.


Take photos from your phone

We can be tempted to take photos all day with our mobile phone- so here’s some tips on getting the best from your phone camera. Firstly- always use the burst mode to capture the shots of your kids. This tip will come handy for those parents whose kids are constantly on the move. The burst mode lets you take continuous shots of your kids- and then you can choose the perfect ones.

Another tip for taking photos of the kids from an iPhone or any smart phone is that you must try focusing on their eyes while taking portrait photos. It is the eyes that will elevate the whole picture to a dramatic level. Since your kids are so used to seeing you with your cell phone, they will hardly notice that you are taking their photos from the phone.

With smart phones, you can also play around with certain photo apps to enhance the images. These apps can help you introduce few particular moods and environments in the photos. End results of the edited photos can be depicted coolly.

By following these simple photography tips you’ll be able to catch the perfect shot- every time!

Isabella White is a professional photographer at www.pitterpatterportraits.com.au. Her other interests include writing about kids, babies, new born photography tips and tricks, family and maternity, family portraits ideas etc. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

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