A mum’s survival guide to toilet training.

hugg4(A sponsored post from Huggies but real advice from me)

As a mum of Mr J (aged 4) and Twins (aged 3) who have all recently been through toilet training I often get asked a lot what my secret is. I don’t have a secret – it’s just really survival of the fittest. When I found out that Huggies Pull-Ups are having a Toilet Training Weekend on their Facebook page it got me thinking about all of the lessons that toilet training taught me. I have put together some tips to help YOU survive on this journey and get you ready for the toilet training weekend coming up. #YOUAREWELCOME

Tip 1: Buy a good mop and bucket. Burn all your carpet now.

Tip 2: Know the location of every toilet in Australia when leaving the house. I have been known to Google public toilet locations before we go to a family event.  Did you know there are actually Parks without toilets?  Who invents these things?

Google is my BFF!

Google is my BFF!

Tip 3: Limit the amount of liquid you hand over before you put your toilet training kid in the car. I actually halve what they would normally drink before getting in the car. Let’s face it when you’re doing 110km up the F3 you can’t just pull over.  Get used to hearing “I NEED TO DO A WEE”.

Tip 4: Know your child’s currency. When I say that I basically mean work out what they can’t live without and reward them every time they have a very good toilet situation.  I’m not saying buy them a pony every single time, but things like reward stickers, bubbles or even an extra cuddle will go a long way in the kids memory bank. Celebrate the wins, just not on Facebook. #NOONECARES

Tip 5: This one may be frowned upon and I can’t believe I’m writing it!  When I was toilet training my twin girls I used to let them come into the bathroom with me.  I would tell them “I’m doing a wee” and make a big deal about getting the toilet paper, wiping, flushing and then washing my hands. This worked really well. The only down side to this was the public location announcements to anyone who would listen such as LOOK AT MUMMIES BUM! MUMMIES UNDIES ARE PINK! Or my personal favourite MUMMY DID A POO to our waiter at my mother in laws 60th very fancy birthday party. Oh the shame!

Tip 6: If you’re not confident that my amazing tips will cut it, you’re in luck! The Huggies Pull-Ups School of Toilet Training is packed with useful tools, FREE samples, and even offers real advice from experts and other parents to guide you. #EXPERTS

Currency in the form of Batman/Batgirl outfits...

Currency in the form of Batman/Batgirl outfits…

Tip 7: I am still going through toilet training with the twins and we still use Pull-Ups at nights. The Huggies brand work the best for us. I make the twins put their own Pull-Up on before bed.  This obviously encourages independence. And also gives me more time to Facebook or watchthe Batchie.

Tip 8: You are running a Marathon not a race. Don’t compare your kids to others. Who cares what stage the kids from mothers group are at! There is always going to be others who do it quicker. There will also be ones who lie. Seriously.

Tip 9: It’s totally OK to celebrate your toilet training milestones as a parent with wine or shoes or in my case a girl’s weekend away from the kids. #WINNING

Tip 10: It’s not 1967. Don’t listen to the old wives tales. There is amazing support available to mums today especially online or Facebook. Check out Huggies Pull-Ups Toilet Training Weekend. This is a twice yearly event hosted on the Huggies Australia Facebook Page From the 3rd – 5th of October.  This live event aims to teach parents the basics of toilet training and share handy tips to help get them started. Dr Cathrine, Huggies resident Toilet Training expert, will also be on hand over the weekend to answer your questions about the toilet training process.

Do you have any mum survival tips we can share? #HELPAMUMOUT

Celebrate YOUR wins!

Celebrate YOUR wins!

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  1. Hain

    Kids are all different and some will train quickly and easily where with others it will take longer. The main tip I can give you is to always take extra clothes and undies wth you in case they have an accident and if they do have an accident, don’t make a big deal out of it!


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