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As a mum of three little people it’s not often I get the opportunity to dress up and hit the city.  To be honest I see two year olds on Instagram with a better social life.

Kids Spot Voices of 2014 launch party was booked in and this mummy now had an outfit dilemma..  I LOVE dressing up but it feels like the last time I wore heels was in 2010 when I marched down the isle.  What I really needed was a fairy shoe godmother to knock on my door with a pair of sneakers that looked like beautiful shoes.

The amazing team at Jaspa King Shoes came to my rescue with a black pair of their gorgeous St Louis heels.  I tried them on and knew straight away I had hit the jackpot!! These shoes not only felt so comfy they made me feel like the “designer” mum I secretly wish I was.

My own mother told me once never wear a pair of shoes out that you have not worn at home for a few hours first.  Any excuse is good enough for me.  I swanned around the house in these amazing babies for a few hours, I figured it’s my job to road test and it might be 2039 before they meet my feet again.

I got ready for my big night out in typical mum fashion.. Cooking for 3 little people and a hungry husband, baking for my sons party the next day, dealing with tantrums and trying to pick spaghetti off the walls in between coats of mascara and a frantic handbag search.  My useful husband cut the grass.

My driver arrived at 6pm to collect me.  I was ready to hit the town. I had the troops fed and watered and spent about 13 minutes and 34 seconds on myself getting ready, (That’s 12 more minutes than a usual day).  I looked at myself in the mirror just before I ran out the door, pausing to admirie the shoes that I had popped on at 4pm and check all traces of sticky fingers had been removed from my outfit..

The night was great fun and those shoes got more compliments (and selfies) than anything.  My feet felt amazing I honestly could not believe I was wearing “killer heels”.   I managed to talk a few legs off and mingle for 5 whole hours until I remembered that just like Cinderella I had to go home. No one else was going to cater for the 20 people arriving at my home the next morning.

“The dance floor will be there for the next time” according to my lovely friend/designated driver….

About the shoes: 

Jaspa King shoes are designed exclusively in Australia these stiletto heels will surely impress.  They range from peep toe pumps ­­­to strappy heels made from 100% quality leather.  Yes that’s right – the upper, cushioned inner and sole are all made from 100% leather. Napa leather is full grain leather and completely breathable.   Patent leather is hard wearing and protects against bad weather with an amazing shine.  Their suede leather from kid skin is buffered for that luxurious velvet feel.

Most women also associate pain with wearing peep toe heels.  No pain at Jaspa King – we have a special cushioned leather inner layer that really works!

Life is too short to be wearing bad shoes.

Visit Jaspa King for the perfect present!  Shopping for a gift has never been easier. Browse their website for great sandals and pumps or even a gift voucher.

For convenience and peace of mind, shop at www.jaspaking.com.au

P.s I snapped a few shoe selfies just for you..

Jaspa King kindly gifted me these shoes.



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