Am I the only one struggling to ‘have it all’?

can we ever have it all

Am I the only one out there struggling with the idea of having it all? How is it possible to have it ‘all’ at once? Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed by everything that I have on my plate but I just keep saying yes to new offers because I worry that they will never come around again. Seize the day and all that.

This year I’ve been juggling this blog, which could be full time work if I let it, with a part time job that is full time over several periods in the year. I’ve also committed to studying at Business diploma with Business Mamas because I have even bigger dreams!

Now add to that a second contracting job that I’ve just agreed to do, that will be three days in the office, and beginning the HSC journey with my son this term and I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed!

I worry that I’m distracted all the time when I’m with Tully and she’s not getting the best of me. The teens need attention and school work help and the blog posts are piling up (including this one!). The blog and my job are all deadline driven and I feel like I’m managing 100 different deadlines in my head.

All this work just to avoid getting a ‘real job’ full time in an office! It can be overwhelming at times but I’m lucky, I know. I get to work on this blog- which has been such an amazing experience and I’ve learnt so much, which has given me so many new skills with my other job. I also get to fit things around my family. I work late nights and weekends but I also get to take Tully to dancing class and to the beach and just hang out. Things I’d miss out on if I was in an office all day. I’m home to hear and the terms went at school and if they need help with projects. I get to be physically present- even if I’m not always mentally present!!!

I’m lucky I have a Business Angel who checks on me regularly to see how I’m tracking on my business diploma and keeps me on track. Now if only I could have an angle for every area of my life!

Everything I do now is to work towards a future where I can have it all- the family, the blog, the business… But maybe I just can’t have it all at the same moment.

Have you managed to have it all? Please share your secrets with me!

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1 thought on “Am I the only one struggling to ‘have it all’?

  1. Alex

    I think that wanting to ‘have it all’ is just a way of guaranteeing you’ll never be happy.

    Obviously the internet is full of truisms but two good ones are that the happiest people have low expectations (this doesn’t mean that they’re not ambitious or hard working, it means that they don’t ensure happiness is permanently out of reach by just needing one ore thing) and that successful people are very good at saying no.


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