An ode to wine- a mum’s best friend


Dear wine, you understand me

We really are great friends

We like to meet up frequently

On you I can depend

You don’t ask silly questions

You’re like a big warm cuddle

You’re there in the good and bad

When life is a crazy muddle


You don’t care that my hair’s unwashed

Or if there’s snot upon my shirt

You don’t make me fold the washing

Or wipe your face covered in dirt


You’d never dream of depriving me

of sleep that I so crave

You’ve never ever treated me

like I was your personal slave


You don’t make me watch the wiggles

Or that weirdo Upsy Daisy

You know too well that shows like these

Drive me bat shit crazy


You don’t make me to cook you dinner

Only to refuse it

Or buy you expensive drink bottles

Only so you can lose it


You don’t ruin my carpet

Or draw texta on the wall

You never make me clean up spew

Or leave your undies on the floor


You don’t make me watch Frozen

Til ‘ let it go’ is stuck in my head

You don’t scream over vegetables

Demanding chicken nuggets instead


You don’t drive me to search google

With every bump or rash

And then consult my mothers forum

like I’m some hypochondriac


You never empty glitter

onto my vacuumed floor

You never, when it’s bedtime

demand ‘just five minutes more’


You never tell me that I smell

When I haven’t showered in two days

You know too well I’ve ‘baby wiped’ tonight  and that’s ok


You don’t make me take you to the park

when it’s a freezing afternoon

Nor do you demand your sandwiches

be cut into stars and moons


You’ve been there for four years now

My treat at the end of the day

The days are long and nights are short

You’ve helped me out along the way


You never make me cry

Ok, maybe yes you do

But it’s only cos I’m emotional

When I’m sipping my third glass of you


You saw me open the letter,

you saw my silent tear

As I read the confirmation,

that our girl is off to school next year


You comforted me as I sat there

And thought about the four years past

As I realised it’s true what they say

They really do grow up so fast


And with that big gulp I knew,

the days won’t always be this way

My little girl isn’t so little anymore

and.. Maybe…  that’s ok


So as I re fill my glass,

I’m pleased you’re hear with me

Cos I know our bond will be strong

until she’s at least 30


This parent gig is tough,

it’s tiring yet it’s sublime

All I know is that I’m thankful

that when it’s hard…


there’s always wine!

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