Out and About- at the ANNIE Preview Screening

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We were lucky enough to be invited to a preview screening of the new movie ANNIE- a reimagining of the 1982 musical hit. The original ANNIE was hugely popular in our house growing up- my sister was beyond obsessed and I think we had it almost on permanent rental at the video shop. So when I was given the opportunity to check out the new movie I jumped at the chance!

I packed a gaggle of teen girls into the car and off we went to Bondi Junction Event Cinemas, where we were welcomed with bunches of balloons, a choice of yummy snacks, and a movie theatre full of excited children- most that I’m sure had no idea that there even was an original!

photo 2The premise of the new ANNIE is similar, with a few 21st century tweaks. This time around, Annie is an African-American foster kid, living in Harlem. Miss Hannigan is still a drunk, but this time (played hilariously by Cameron Diaz), she is a washed up 90’s singer who never cracked the big time- so now she’s a bitter alcoholic who takes in foster kids to make ends meet.

There’s no Daddy Warbucks, instead it’s Mr Stacks- a millionaire cell phone company owner who is campaigning to be mayor- and when he saves Annie from being hit by a car he goes up in the polls. Rather than a massive mansion, Mr Stacks lives in a state of the art New York penthouse. All the songs are there, plus a lot of new ones, and they have all been given a make over to make them boppy and uptempo- the kids seriously loved it (and so did the teens!)

AnnieSo if you’re looking for something fun to do these holidays, take the kids and check out the all new ANNIE- in cinemas from 18the December. To find out more visit www.annie-movie.com


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