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So Tully is pretty obsessed with our iPad, and especially YouTube- she uses it to watch her favourite TV shows (and those weird unwrapping videos!) but I hate it when we are out because she wants to use it on my phone as our iPad doesn’t have 3G. It costs me a fortune and uses all my battery. Enter the PlayKids App! PlayKids is a subscription app that gives you access to a huge range of kids games and TV shows. The great thing about it though is that once you download the show you can watch it on the app without internet- which makes it a lifesaver!

We recently drove to Canberra so I put PlayKids to the test. With the rip being 4-5 hours each way with small children I was going to need some entertainment lined up! I packed drawing, magnet books, stickers and the iPad with PlayKids loaded and ready to go. I downloaded some episodes of The Wiggles, Ben and Holly and Angelina Ballerina and we were off.


The PlayKids app got us through the car ride and when we were in the restaurant for breakfast and dinner. Having it meant we could actually eat rather than coaxing her back to the table every 2 minutes.

PlayKids 2

The PlayKids App is free to download but has a monthly subscription cost of $8.99 for access to the TV content. It has popular kids shows, games, e books and songs. To download PlayKids visit or

We have 3x  six month subscriptions to give away. Tell us below why you need PlayKids in your life. 

(open to Australian residents over 18. Comp ends 21/5/15 at 11pm)

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