Australia Day Pavlova Grazing Platter

Australia Day Pavlova Grazing Platter

Australia Day Pavlova Grazing Platter

Pavlova grazing platters are so popular now – so we have put together an Australian themed one for your Australia day celebrations!

To start with your grazing platter you need a big board or tray. I recommend something with sides. It makes carrying the tray easier and it prevents everything from falling everywhere. This tray is from Alfresco Emporium.

To style your tray start with the larger items; the bowl of cream, the pavlovas, then the toppings in jars and the fruit.

As I was going for an Australian theme I used a mix of Australian summer fruits and some traditional Aussie treat toppings.

Australia Day Pavlova Grazing Platter

On my board I have used:

Thickened cream (mixed with some icing sugar and vanilla paste)

Mini pavlovas (I used this recipe)

In the jars

Passionfruit (use fresh passionfruit rather than the cans)


Crushed peanuts


Strawberry Jam

Hundreds and Thousands – I like the ones from Woolworths that still have artificial colours because they are much brighter.

On the Tray





Kiwi Fruit


Tim Tams


The key to a good grazing platter is to make sure all the space is filled and the tray looks abundant. To do this, be generous with the amount of food you use and remember that berries and mint leaves will always add colour and fill gaps. Once you have created your platter, look for gaps and fill them with your strawberries, blueberries or the flakes. I used the mini flakes, they fill spaces next to dishes etc really well.

The key to a beautiful grazing platter is abundance and height. Use jars and bowls of different heights and sizes and don’t be afraid to pile your food. Try and keep your fruit together and your chocolate together so that nothing gets too soggy.

Feel free to share your platters with me as well so I can see what you’ve made! Happy Australia Day!

Australia Day pavlova grazing platter




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