Australia Day Pavlovas

Australia Day Pavlovas – Tim Tam, Fairy Bread and Lamington!

Australia Day Pavlovas

Who doesn’t love a reason to decorate a pavlova? They are my go to for Christmas and Australia Day and these Australia day Pavlovas are the perfect Aussie themed treat. We have taken three of our favourite Aussie flavours – the lamington, fairy bread and Tim Tams, to create these delicious treats!

Australia Day Pavlovas

For all my pavlovas I use this pavlova recipe – it’s been my go to recipe for 20 years and it always works out. Just some tips for your pavlovas, for best results cook them as high up in the oven as possible (without it touching the top when it grows in the oven), and cook them slow. 150-160 degrees celsius is ideal. Your pavlova should be golden, but not too dark. Make sure you leave them in the oven til they cool. I cook these small ones for about 20-25 minutes but keep an eye on them!

Lamington Australia Day Pavlovas

Australia Day Pavlova - Lamington Pavlova

For the lamington pavlovas we used:

Whipped cream (sweetened with a little icing sugar and vanilla paste)

Strawberry Jam

Milk cooking chocolate (I like Nestle Plaistow as I think it’s the best quality)

Shredded coconut


To put them together we beat the cream with the icing sugar and vanilla paste then spread it over the top of the pavlova. We filled the middle with strawberry jam and then covered over it all with chocolate curls (created by running a veggie peeler over the sides of the cooking chocolate) and the shredded coconut. Top with a strawberry and you’re ready to go!

Fairy Bread Pavlovas

Fairy Bread Pavlovas - Australia Day Pavlovas

For the fairy bread Pavlovas we used:

Whipped cream (sweetened with a little icing sugar and vanilla paste)

Cheesecake filling, coloured pink ( 250g cream cheese, 150ml thicken cream, 1/2 cup caster sugar, pink food colouring. Beat together until combined).

Hundreds and Thousands (I like the ones at Woolworths that still have artificial colours because they look brighter!)

Arnotts Hundreds and Thousands Biscuits (I like Arnotts because one again, their sprinkles have vibrant colours)

To put them together we rimmed the pavlova with the whipped cream and sprinkles the cream with hundreds and thousands. We filled in the middle with the cheesecake filling and then topped it with a hundreds and thousands biscuit!

Tim Tam Pavlovas

Tim Tam Pavlovas - Australia Day pavlovas

For the Tim Tam pavlovas we used:

Whipped cream (sweetened with a little icing sugar and vanilla paste)

Nestle Top n Fill Caramel (warmed in the microwave to make it runny)

Tim Tams


To put them together we covered the pavlova in cream, then drizzled the caramel sauce over the top. Then cover with crushed Tim Tams, top with two Tim Tams and serve with a side of strawberries.

I hope you love these Australia Day pavlovas as much as we do. Have a great Australia Day!

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