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Fiji with Kids

FIJI with kids

Fiji is like a second home for me. I’ve been many times and stayed at lots of resorts, and I decided it was where I wanted to spend my 40th birthday a few years ago. It’s a popular destination for families and at least once a week I get asked about where to go and stay in Fiji with kids. This trip we visited four different resorts over three and a half weeks. I’ve written down my thoughts on all four below.

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“I use childcare and I don’t work”


As I dropped my son off to childcare the other day, I got chatting to another mum.

“Oh your baby is growing quickly – how old is she?”

“One, I plan on starting her here one day a week from January”

“Going back to work are you?”

No, I’m not. I haven’t worked outside the home for over eight years since my second child was born. But my daughters went to childcare two days a week from two years of age. My three-year-old currently attends three days a week and, all things going well, in January my fifth and last child who will be 18 months old will start one day a week and increase slowly to three days.

The assumption I must work outside the home is a common one. Reactions are mixed when people find out I don’t.

“Good on you, I’d need a break from all those kids too” … or the other end of the scale.

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Dear Husband…


Dear Husband,

I’ll start off by saying you’re a pretty good guy. We’ve been married 10 years in December, and in that time had 4 babies, plus the one you got for free when you met me. You work hard so I can stay at home. You’re an awesome cook, you do nappies, drop and pick kids up, shop, sometimes wash clothes. You don’t clean but insist I have a cleaner once a week. There’s always room for improvement, but I won’t dwell on that, I could improve too.

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