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chores for kids

5 ways your children will benefit by having chores

chores for children

Growing up I remember that chores were not my favorite thing to do. My boys are still a little young to do be expected to do too many chores but now that my eldest has started school I am trying to get him in the habit of at least making his bed in the morning! I also try and get him and his brother into the habit of doing small tasks such as bringing their dinner plate out to the kitchen once they are finished, putting dirty clothes in the wash basket instead of the floor and being responsible for carrying their own school/ daycare bags. I do believe chores are an important part of growing up and here are 5 reasons why…

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Car Seat Safety: Do Not Restrain Your Child’s Head


A photo popped up on my news feed that made my heart skip a beat recently. It was a friend’s son in his booster with a sweatshirt’s sleeves tied in front of his head to keep it from flopping forward as he slept. What was scarier to me was the number of people who unknowingly endorsed what was an incredibly dangerous idea. Lots of “Yeah great idea”, “Good job mate” etc.

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Self Care While Caring for a Child on the Spectrum


What is sanity when you have a child on the spectrum?

I ask because these special children can be very difficult to manage, especially if/when you haven’t yet been able to translate their individual language and implement effective strategies. You live your life on high alert as you work hard to meet their needs and cope with frequent meltdowns. By necessity, your definition of sanity needs to be an ever-changing, flexible thing that moves according to what is happening on any given day. On some days, you can feel like you’ll explode if it continues for a second longer, and on other days it’s positively blissful by comparison, even when everything seems to be going wrong!

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