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art classes

How to replicate art class while you are home schooling

art classes

All of a sudden most of us are not just mums, but teachers too. It’s been a jarring couple of weeks, but for a little while at least we’re all having to cover our children’s education. This can be difficult, especially if you’ve never homeschooled before.

While you’ve probably been provided with materials to cover maths, science and English classes, some subjects, like art class, are harder to replicate in the home. If you want to continue nurturing your little one’s creativity while in lockdown, here are some great tips. Continue reading

chores for kids

5 ways your children will benefit by having chores

chores for children

Growing up I remember that chores were not my favorite thing to do. My boys are still a little young to do be expected to do too many chores but now that my eldest has started school I am trying to get him in the habit of at least making his bed in the morning! I also try and get him and his brother into the habit of doing small tasks such as bringing their dinner plate out to the kitchen once they are finished, putting dirty clothes in the wash basket instead of the floor and being responsible for carrying their own school/ daycare bags. I do believe chores are an important part of growing up and here are 5 reasons why…

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