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When she’s not blogging or running after her 4 year old you can find Bridget crafting, with a glitter gun in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!

Secret diary of a bulimic

Dear Diary,

I’m at my high school camp and was sitting in the food hall for dinner… I’d demolished my plate of food while sitting at the table with my girlfriends. We were giggling about the boy crushes we had sat at the table just opposite us, I felt happy and upbeat as being away from home with all my friends felt refreshing. It’s been a long day of fun (but sometimes annoyingly daggy) ‘team building’ activities and I was starving.

As I got up to grab a few more bites from the serving area, I heard one of the boys call out ‘Going up for seconds ‘big Bridgey’?’

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10 signs from my 5yr old that Karma is a bitch


Let’s just say in my early teens I wasn’t the saint my parents would have liked to have claimed as their daughter. Growing up in a Christian household, I was shall we say rather sheltered from the ‘naughtiness’ of this world. That is until I decided to run away from home and explore all there was on offer. From winning jelly wrestling completions at the pub on Airlie beach to partying til sunrise in the city… I’ve done my fair share of giving my poor parents heart attack after heart attack.

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the realisations of divorce

The realisations of divorce

There are times in our lives where life changes crash in so quickly, you find yourself tumbling around in what seems like a deep dark ocean of rough turbulent waves that barely allow you to catch your breath.

In these moments of uncertainty and transition, the concept of time seems to disappear and the events that take place keep crashing over you, suffocating you and not allowing you to look up and see the shoreline now barely in sight.

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Not the Mother’s Day I planned…

Mother's Day

This year Mother’s Day will be very different for me. In the past, the usual Mother’s Day morning consisted of an attempted sleep in, hearing pulls of sticky tape and rustles in the kitchen as my daughter and husband prepared to greet me with a gift and a homemade card. Hearing giggles as she cracked the eggs making me breakfast in bed and being woken by a duo calling out ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’

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10 School Holiday Activities- On a Budget

10 School Holiday Activities

I’m a newbie school mum. My little miss started Kindy this year and it only occurred to me a few weeks ago that ‘Oh yeah, that’s right they have school holidays!’ Tomorrow it begins, two weeks of entertaining our kidlets, no packing school lunches or having to remember which uniform they wear tomorrow. Even though we’ve only just finished term one, it feels like a lifetime ago I had my girl all day every day and it got me in a spin thinking ‘what activities are we going to do so she doesn’t get bored!?’Here are my ten budget-friendly school holiday activities to keep the kids entertained and your sanity intact until wine o’clock.

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DIY Easter Hat


Ah yes, the time is has come around again to get sorted for your kid’s Easter Hat Parade!

Let’s face it, as busy mums, finding the time to create a spectacular Easter hat for our kids can be somewhat stressful and is usually left to the last minute (or is that just me?).

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