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About Bridget

When she’s not blogging or running after her 4 year old you can find Bridget crafting, with a glitter gun in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!

Review: Baby Sleep Guide App


Let’s face it, our little bundles of joy don’t come with a manual and mostly from the day they are born we are winging it.

Searching for answers to our questions about sleep/play/food for our children can be so time consuming in the big wide world of Google and millions of baby books and parenting websites.

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Sharing the #mumlife with PicPal

Fun with PicPal

When I got the opportunity to review PicPal I must say I was quite excited. I confess I am a lover of all things ‘selfie’ related and this app is sharing/selfies/updates all rolled into one. It’s so easy to use and the app is free! (Who doesn’t love a freebie?) It’s very easy to navigate with little instructive notes that flash up helping you each step of the way to get you ready to happy snap until your hearts content.

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A Letter to my Daughter as she starts School

For My Daughter

To my darling daughter.

In two short weeks time you will be starting your first day of school. Since the day you were born, we have shared many ‘firsts’ together. I remember the sound of your very first cry, just seconds after you entered the world. I remember lying in hospital, I could hear the cries of a nursery full of newborns down the hallway but I knew exactly which was yours, even though we had only met that very same day.

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Life isn’t always a fairytale


Tonight, like every night, I read my daughter her bedtime stories. She chose Cinderella – a favourite for every little girly girl. We hadn’t read it in quite a while, and yet this time around with every page I read, floods of emotions filled me. With each page I turned, I found myself getting more and more frustrated. I wanted to slap stupid Cinderella in the face for being so damn naive. How could she possibly know that Prince Charming was the one for her after merely one magical night together.

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