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About Jessica

Jess is a mum of two boys and has recently relocated to rural South Australia, where she’s enjoying country life (and the fact that it takes so long to get anywhere that she can spend hours in the car on her own!). Jess road tests our baby products with the help of her baby boy Ashton!

#BeautyHack Eyelash Extensions: Lashes By Samantha

Lashes By Samantha

I’ve been following the whole eyelash extension trend with some interest for quite some time, but was always a little turned off by the horror stories – like when people’s eyes end up burning and itching or their lashes all stick together. EEPPPP! I have enough on my plate people – I don’t need to pay someone my hard earned dollars to end up having swollen, itchy sticky eyes – no thanks!

But then one day, as though the beauty gods shone their #beautyhack light on me when I was compiling my list for the ‘Look After Yourself’ Challenge, I came across the @lashesbysamantha Instagram page, and I was converted! I HAD to make this happen. I mean seriously – who wouldn’t be won over by the promise of never having to worry about mascara and loads of makeup again! (Just between you and me – I am not exactly gifted when it comes to applying makeup – so I was counting on this to save me the hassle!).

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Join us in the ‘Look After Yourself’ Challenge!

Look After Yourself

Confession Time: I’ve been feeling a bit ‘Watevs’ the last few months. And by ‘Watevs’ I mean when it comes to how I feel about myself, the only thing I can muster in the one second of the day that I have to check myself in the mirror to make sure I’m not covered in food/boogers/vomit/poo before I step out the door, all I have time for is ‘Watevs’.

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Mexican Steak Sandwich


Well my friends it’s been one of those weeks. Our entire family has been knocked down by this dreadful flu that is making it’s rounds at the moment (I never knew two little boys could produce such copious amounts of boogers!) which has resulted in minimal sleep, lots of tantrums (that would be me – not the kids), and one very eventful day spent in hospital which has resulted in my inner Mummy anxieties coming to the surface and all my energy has been spent helicoptering over my children since then. Phew! I am tired just recounting that.

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Shop for your shape & size with Sizeable


Confession time: I’d rather stab myself in the eye than go clothes shopping these days. The main reason being that over the last 7 years my body has morphed into a different shape after each pregnancy – and JUST when I get the hang of shopping for my new shape I fall pregnant – and I have to start from scratch! Two children later and I barely have time to brush my hair so taking hours to find a new wardrobe is not going to happen. Add to that the fact that I live an hour away from the closest major shopping centre, which usually means a day out at the shops ends up falling in the ‘too hard’ pile.

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