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About Jessica

Jess is a mum of two boys and has recently relocated to rural South Australia, where she’s enjoying country life (and the fact that it takes so long to get anywhere that she can spend hours in the car on her own!). Jess road tests our baby products with the help of her baby boy Ashton!

Dear Google Doctor – Stop Freaking Me Out!

dear google doctor_

Hands up if the second you feel a niggle in your throat you immediately grab your phone and Google ‘sore throat’ or ‘how to make a sore throat go away’, and then immediately turn to whoever is in the vicinity and yell out “OMG Google says I may have throat cancer!!!!!” Then make a Doctors appointment that second because you are now convinced you have a terminal illness…

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Win: Helleur Handmade Fabric Doll


*Congratulations to the winner of the custom made Helleur Handmade Ballerina Doll: Sacha P!*

So here’s the deal – my youngest son Mr Ashton is turning 1 in less than two weeks, and for the last 355 days I have been procrastinating about what keepsake I am going to buy my little man for his first birthday. And quite frankly it has been doing my head in!

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The Truth About Breastfeeding

The Reality

Just to clarify: I’m Pro-‘Feed your baby anyway your little heart desires as long as the kid is fed and nourished’. Phew. Without going into too much detail (because let’s face it – I really don’t need to explain or justify my choices to anyone!), I’ve had experiences with both bottle feeding and breastfeeding and they both worked for me, so no judgements over here on how you feed your child.

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Ever wished that you could simply go to one website and be able to buy things for bub AND for yourself, because you know, life as a Mum is 24/7 and we barely get time to shower or use the bathroom let alone sit down and spend hours online shopping in peace?! Anyone? Am I right? Do I hear a chorus of ‘Hell YES’?
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Sticky9- Turn Your Photos Into Art


It’s fair to say that I am one of those Mums that takes a ridonkulous amount of photos of her kids. And by ridonkulous, I am trying to articulate that I take a crazy amount of photos! And yes, I am very much aware that it’s not even a word – that’s just proof that my photo addiction is immense and there are no words to describe how obsessed I am.

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Road test- Hollie & Harrie Sombrilla


This tale begins in Summer. Having recently moved to South Australia, we thought we would hit the beach on a 45-degree day to cool off and relax. This was our first trip to the beach since our move over, and we had no idea that there is little shade on SA beaches. So armed with the tiniest little beach tent and the contents of my house, I dragged my 38 week pregnant self over the hottest sand known to mankind, pushing against the hottest wind (known to mankind!) and tried to assemble the tiny little tent which once assembled – felt like the hottest sauna – known to mankind!

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Road Test- Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT

Maxi-Cosi euro

When you find out you are expecting, whether it is your first baby or not, you know there are a few items that will require excessive Googling and sometimes a few months of umming and ahhing before you invest in purchasing the perfect product. After having my first baby almost 6 years ago I thought I was a pro at this baby product stuff – No. Just No.

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What was life like B.C (as in Before Children!)?

Life B.C

Is it just me, or are there other Mum’s out there who despite being so sleep deprived they can barely slap a coherent sentence together, they find themselves at 4am wide awake, asking themselves philosophical questions that normally you couldn’t care less about? It has been quite some time since I have had the chance to sit back and really reflect on how life has changed since we started having children. Mainly because for the past five and half years I barely get a chance to visit the toilet on my own let alone sit down and leisurely ponder life! Plus as I mentioned above, I have forgotten how to structure a proper sentence these days so big thoughts hurt my brain.

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Roadtest: The Manduca baby carrier


When my son was born, it soon became apparent that he was my little baby koala and that when he was having a bad day he was most comforted when held close. When he was a tiny little newborn, carrying him around while I went about my day wasn’t much of an issue.

But as he grew it became increasingly difficult and awkward for me to carry him around, as my arthritis kicked in during the cooler months. This is when I began my search for the perfect baby carrier that would not only be super comfortable for my son, but also supportive and comfortable for my poor arthritic body.

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